Winter Break 2K15

For this winter break I got to have some family time with both sides of the family. It was fun spending time with them since I do not get so see them often. During the break I also got to go to Florida. It was nice warm weather, however not as warm as it was before last time i was there, but at least it was warmer than Vancouver weather. ON New Year’s Eve, I got on a plane to Toronto, and then from Toronto my family and I flew to Orlando. We got to spend New Years Day in Orlando and it was so much fun! I stayed in Florida for 8 days. We stayed at Disney World Resort Hotel, The Swan and Dolphin Hotel. It was very convenient as it was right in between two of the four main theme parks. We could walk to two of the theme parks within 15 minutes. The other two we had to take a bus transportation to get to the other two. I had so much fun at all the four theme parks and I can’t wait to go there again.

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