Peter Pan – Creativity

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This year I was grateful that I got to be a part of the Senior School play this year. Peter Pan. Everyone had a great time preparing for the shows and learned so much. We gained new friendships, new skills, and all improved on our acting and theatre. We had 4 shows: Thursday, February 11th @7:00pm; Friday, February 12th @7:00pm; Saturday, February 13th @2:00pm & @7:00pm. All shows were amazing and we all had a fun time putting on an unforgettable performance for the audience.

U17 Mustangs – Activity

This year I am joined the U17 mustangs team. We have an eventful season as we practice 3x a week; Tuesday morning 6:45am-8:45am, Friday afternoon 2:15pm-4:30pm, and Saturday 9:45am-12:00pm. In this season, we get to work on our basketball skills and it’s a time for us to improve and get better. We do lots of drills such that involve, our defence, offence, and shooting.72c89c5a-59ef-478a-af42-641162e8d8e6