Camp Goal

This year the Grade 9’s for our camping trip will be kayaking up Indian Arm. We will be staying at 2 out of the 3 different camp sites. I have multiple goals which I would like to achieve. One of my mains goals is to make the new kids feel welcomed. I will know if I have achieved this goal because to accomplish it I need to be friendly and welcoming.

Camp Reflection

Near the beginning of the school year, the grade 8’s went on a hiking trip to Garibaldi. I was in the intermediate so we went to Checkamus Lake and hiked up to meadow area near the top. The hike was a good level for me. It wasn’t too steep, but also it wasn’t just all flat ground. Cooking outside and making our own food was lots of fun, since I don’t usually cook at home. Also sleeping with my friends and setting up the tents was so much fun as I was with most of my friends. It was a great time and I really enjoyed it.

Camp Goals

Next week I will be going on the grade 8 hiking trip. One of my goals is to talk with new people besides just my friends and to always have a positive attitude. The way how I will know that I have achieved this goals is by knowing that i talked to new friends on the hiking trip and that I have always been happy and positive and never negative. I will have some problems about  trying to accomplish those goals because I always like to talk to my friends I always hang out with and also when I am tired or just exhausted I get kind of grumpy. I am going to try and not let those come to me during the experience and just have a great time with all my friends.

Camp 2013-2014

Fun, energetic and epic is what all what  is needed for this camp. One of my goals at camp is to finish a hike without complaining or being very tired. Sleeping outside, learning how to tie ropes, and putting your tarp up is gonna be so much fun! I am also looking forward to be canoeing with lots of my friends and classmates, as well as going on a hike with lots of my friends. This will be so much fun! I am really excited to be having a great time on Anvil Island.