Final CAS Reflection 2015/16

This year I have been successful. I did many CAS commitment activities and achieved most of my goals.

For my creative, I participated in the Senior School Play: Peter Pan, level 6 piano, and attended WeDay Vancouver 2015. Next week, I will be taking my level 6 piano Royal Conservatory. I will be having to identify triads, as well as be able to sight read a small piece and play a total of five pieces I have been working on. Another creativity I have participated in this year was the Senior School Play: Peter Pan. The experience was amazing an I learned so much from it. We had rehearsals for my group every monday after school until January started and then we started staying after school for longer hours and start practicing with the whole cast on weekends. We had four shows in the second week of February and they all went great! Lastly, I participated in Vancouver 2015 WeDay. We got to go in late October and have many inspiring people come and talk to us, as well as be surrounded by many other children and teachers willing to help change the world too.

For my action, I participated in the school’s Jr. B Girls Volleyball, Grade 8/9 A Girls Basketball, and the U17 Girls Mustangs. For volleyball we practiced 2 times a week, Tuesday morning and Thursday after school, as well as went into a couple tournaments. Participating in the school’s volleyball team since grade 5 has really helped me develop as a volleyball player. I also participated in the Grade 8/9 A Girls basketball team. Getting to be one of the assistant captains was a new experience for me, and it gave me a chance to help work on my leadership skills. Finally, I have also been part of the U17 Girls Mustangs basketball team. Being one of the youngest on the team, it gives me a chance to see what the older girls do and how I can improve myself and get better at the sport. For 4 months this year, I also participated in Acrobatics. I was reviewing all my tricks and balances and keeping my flexibility. I was also planning on doing my level 8 exam, however I did not do the exam, due to the school activities and my schedule getting too busy.

For my service, I was part of the Student Ambassadors. Our job was to help at Open Houses, help new students and essentially be a part of anything that was happening to the school community.

U17 Mustangs – Activity

This year I am joined the U17 mustangs team. We have an eventful season as we practice 3x a week; Tuesday morning 6:45am-8:45am, Friday afternoon 2:15pm-4:30pm, and Saturday 9:45am-12:00pm. In this season, we get to work on our basketball skills and it’s a time for us to improve and get better. We do lots of drills such that involve, our defence, offence, and shooting.72c89c5a-59ef-478a-af42-641162e8d8e6

Basketball Outline – Activity

This year I am part of the grade 8 and 9 girls basketball team. We have a very exciting season as we have lots of practices and games. We have about two or three basketball practices a week and one game a week. The coach is Leduc, and I am excited for this season and getting to know all the girls on the team better.

Volleyball Season Review – Activity

Over the volleyball season, our team worked together and became closer to one another (as it was a grade 9 and 10 team). At the very start of our season we went to the “Dig It” tournament at St Johns School Vancouver. That was our very first time playing together as a team and we came in second place, winning silver metals, with the loss against West Point Grey in the Championship Gold Metal game. As the season continued we got more and more closer and more comfortable playing with each other. By the end of the season we had only lost one game, against Stratford Hall, and was in for the Playoffs. For the play offs we got to play at Harry Jerome. We came in 5th place as all the team were very evenly skilled, we knew that going into the playoffs it was going to be a hard plays due to the team being all even. Overall, I had a great season this year and I can’t wait for next years volleyball season.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.26.51 AM

Volleyball 2015/16 – Activity

This year for one of my minor activities, I joined the mulgrave volleyball team. I have been on the mulgrave team since I was in grade 5 when I was on the grade 5 volleyball team. This year I was part of the Mulgrave Junior B Girls Volleyball Team. My coach was Mrs Reis and we had a great season. We were able to work on our skills; passing, setting, hitting, serving, digging, etc. as well learning a new ways we played such as 4 2, and 5 1.


Just after spring break, I got involved in Mustangs, which is basically an area for your to improve on your skills, technique, shooting, and have some games and tournaments. I have been doing Mustangs ever since grade 6. This year I am part of the 7/8 (U14) Mustangs programme. We have 23 players that are involved through 7 and 8. I am looking forward to how this years Mustang will be like

Acrobatics Exam Tricks

Down below are some tricks that I had to do for my acro exam back in late December. The first I combined two of the tricks which was a “front handspring” but instead of landing on my feet I landed sitting/laying down to go back into a “dolphin roll”. Then the next trick is called an “upstart” which is when you start sitting up with your legs straight then roll back onto your shoulders, put your hands beside your ears and push up off the ground to land on your feet. Finally, the last trick is “circling splits” which is when you are in the splits and then you bring your front leg around to meet with your back leg, push up onto your hands to swing the same leg back over to the front.

Basketball 8/9 A

Over the weekend I went to a basketball tournament with my school team. We had our first game on Friday and we played against Clydestone and won 39-16. We got the rest of the day to stretch and get a good night sleep and get prepared for an early morning game on Saturday. We had our game at 9:30am in the morning and we had to be in the gym at 8:45am to warm up, stretch, and talk about the keys to success and what we will be doing in the game. We played against Handsworth and it was a battle all the way to the end, since we were competing to see who went to the Championships/Finals. We ended up loosing by 35-27. We got to play for third and fourth place against Seycove. It was a battle once again, but we lost 25-44 (somewhere around there). We went and talked over what we did well and what we could able improved on. We also recognized 2 people. Our first recognition was the MVP award and the other award was the all-star player award which was decided by the tournament. We finished in fourth place and went home with our heads high knowing we out a fight. (except the last quarter).

Acrobatics Exam Marks

About a month ago, I went and did my Emerald Examination. Overall, I am pleased with my mark, but I know I could have done better. I got some 90% on some exercises and my dance, and the rest I got 70-80%. In the end I got my total in the high 70-80% band which placed me in the Commended area. Next exam, I would like to get into the Highly Commends or the Honours.


For my major action, I am doing dance. I have it on mondays for an hour on a regular week. This year I am taking my Emerald (high level) exam along with my friends. In order for us to take the exam we have take two classes to prepare. One on monday for an hour and the other one on Sunday for an hour. This exam will happened sometime in early December.