Final CAS Reflection 2015/16

This year I have been successful. I did many CAS commitment activities and achieved most of my goals.

For my creative, I participated in the Senior School Play: Peter Pan, level 6 piano, and attended WeDay Vancouver 2015. Next week, I will be taking my level 6 piano Royal Conservatory. I will be having to identify triads, as well as be able to sight read a small piece and play a total of five pieces I have been working on. Another creativity I have participated in this year was the Senior School Play: Peter Pan. The experience was amazing an I learned so much from it. We had rehearsals for my group every monday after school until January started and then we started staying after school for longer hours and start practicing with the whole cast on weekends. We had four shows in the second week of February and they all went great! Lastly, I participated in Vancouver 2015 WeDay. We got to go in late October and have many inspiring people come and talk to us, as well as be surrounded by many other children and teachers willing to help change the world too.

For my action, I participated in the school’s Jr. B Girls Volleyball, Grade 8/9 A Girls Basketball, and the U17 Girls Mustangs. For volleyball we practiced 2 times a week, Tuesday morning and Thursday after school, as well as went into a couple tournaments. Participating in the school’s volleyball team since grade 5 has really helped me develop as a volleyball player. I also participated in the Grade 8/9 A Girls basketball team. Getting to be one of the assistant captains was a new experience for me, and it gave me a chance to help work on my leadership skills. Finally, I have also been part of the U17 Girls Mustangs basketball team. Being one of the youngest on the team, it gives me a chance to see what the older girls do and how I can improve myself and get better at the sport. For 4 months this year, I also participated in Acrobatics. I was reviewing all my tricks and balances and keeping my flexibility. I was also planning on doing my level 8 exam, however I did not do the exam, due to the school activities and my schedule getting too busy.

For my service, I was part of the Student Ambassadors. Our job was to help at Open Houses, help new students and essentially be a part of anything that was happening to the school community.

Lunch with the New Students – Service

In December, the student ambassadors arranged a lunch “hang out” where all the new students this year got to come and have pizza with the student ambassadors and talk about how they’re enjoying Mulgrave so far, and for everyone to get to no others better or talk to people they¬†haven’t gotten to talk to much, and meet new people.

MSAC Grade 8/9 Dance

Last week, MSAC put together a Grade 8/9 Dance Social. It was lots of fun. We got to hang around other you might have not known very well, and hang out with other people that are in a different grade then you. The dance for me was great. I got to know others I did not know very well and hang out, bond, and dance with everyone else. It was a fun experienced and really helped the grade 8/9’s have great time together as one. Thanks to the grade 9 leaders, Ms Roy and everyone else who pitched in and helped out.

MSAC Events

Recently in MSAC, we have been preparing for many exciting events coming up. We just finished wrapping up Christmas and we are looking into the Middle School Talent show, grade 6/7 Social and helping the SAC with Spirit which is coming up in 2 weeks.


I am involved in the middle school MSAC. Lately, in MSAC we have been talking about an upcoming event that is going to happened which is Halloween. We have been organizing what we are going to do for Halloween this year. We have also gotten into groups for which event we would organize.

Animal Welfare

Animals Welfare is my major service commitment. We are a small group but with many ideas. Some of our ideas are: donate toy to shelters and adopting animals. Animal Welfare runs during every Thursday at lunch time. I really hope we can adopt an animal and help the spices around us.




Creativity Minor: art of today

Creativity Major: choir

Action minor: volleyball

Action major: dance

Service Minor: BBQ

Service Major: Animal Welfare