DPA – Term 2

Monday – basketball practice 1h 15min, acrobatics 1h

Tuesday –

Wednesday – basketball practice 1h 15min

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday – basketball practice/game 2h, go to the gym with a group of kids (around my age) and train

Sunday – go outside for 1h and practice volleyball/basketball or go for a walk/run

Daily Physical Activity

For my DPA I have been doing lots of active stuff.

Monday: Basketball Practice/Game Acrobatics

Tuesday: Basketball Game

Wednesday: Basketball Practice

Thursday: Basketball Game

Friday: Basketball Practice

Saturday: Go to the gym with a group of friends

Sunday: nothing


For my daily physical  activity term 2 i did dance 2 hours every week, basketball for 2 practices and 1 game per week.




Volleyball (2 1/2 months)

Dance (Friday 1 hour, Monday 1 hour)

Volleyball for life (Tuesday 90 minutes)

PE (Monday and Thursdays 45 minutes week 2, Friday 90 minutes)

Grounders (everyday for 30 minutes)