Geometry Test

For this set I got the same mark, but I got less answers in-correct and more correct than last time. I can work on reading parts that I am not familiar with even if I am familiar with it because they can always be tricky ones. I was happy with the mark I got and I actually got the mark I thinking that I would get. So overall I am happy with the mark I got!

Moving Towards Success

During our math unit Operations With Decimals I had some strengths and weakness. My strengths were with adding and subtracting decimals as well as dividing and multiplying decimals. I first had a little trouble with multiplying decimals because I never knew how to do that also I had trouble multiplying with a decimal place and converting fractions into decimals. Some strategies I used was that when we would be dividing I had to make the number smaller and when it was multiplying I would have to make the number larger. I am proud of my math test because I did really well with the word problems and sometimes I don’t always get the problems. Some new understandings I found out was when you would multiply the amount of number after the decimal would be the amount of decimals numbers in the final answer. Overall I feel like the math unit has made me a better learner with figuring out which areas I have struggles with and which areas I succeeded in with decimals.