Reflection on Camp Goal

My camp goal was to talk to new people instead of always talking with my friends and to alway shave a positive attitude. I achieved this goal because I talked to some of my old friends that I haven’t been talking to lately since we didn’t have many new students come on our hiking trip. I sort of achieved my goal about staying positive. I complained a few times or just kept on saying that I was so tired. Overall, I achieved my goals, but could just improve on have a positive attitude.

Summer 2K14

This year I had a very active summer. I went up to my cabin in Vernon for 5 weeks and did many activities on the water. I went wake boarding and wake surfing almost every day. I also had family friends come up almost every week so I also got to spend time with them and catch up on any big news. Also, I got to go for a 2 week camping trip on Bowen Island. I saw many of my camp friends and we did many activities each day such as: games, play in the lake, go to the beach, over0night camping trip, repelling, climbing a mountain and much more. I had a great summer and can’t wait for next year.

Final Reflection

It is now coming down to the last week of a great school year. I successfully finished my CAS/DPA. For my minor creativity was piano. My minor for action was volleyball, basketball, and mustangs. My minor service was the Welcome Back BBQ. My major for creativity was Choir. We would meet every Wednesday at lunch (half and hour) and Friday after school (1 hour). My major for action was dance (2 hours a week) and my major service was Animal Welfare (meet every Thursday at lunch). The CAS and DPA were fun as well as some challenges.


My Service goal was to be able to help out with the animal welfare and help out animals. Ways to make it achievable was because it was a service mulgrave offered and that  it would help animals. My action goal was to be able to over hand serve to by the end of term 1. Ways to achieve this goal is by practicing at my elective volleyball for life and practicing with my sister and Ambleside. My creativity goal was to get better at piano. Ways to achieve this goal is to practice half an hour a day or more than once a week.


This post explains who I am. I have 4 members in my family, my mom, dad and my villainous  twin sister Maggie. I participate in many physical activities. All my whole life it has been mostly activities. I have done swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball, dance, skating, and a little bit of soccer. My entire family really loves doing sports and sometimes we go with my cousins and play games like volleyball and basketball games.

My Spring Break

For my spring break i went to San Diego and Disneyland. It was a blast! I did many activities such as go to the San Diego zoo. I also got to go and watch some of the LPGA Kia Classic tournament since it was being hosted at my hotel. I also went to Disneyland and went on many rides. I also, saw one of my friends at disneyland so i got to say hi to her and go on a ride with her. It was also really nice because my grandparents got to come along with us and the last time we had a full family vacation was when i was around 6 or 7 years old and my family and everyone from my dads side came too, so it was very enjoyable to have some other family members.

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week 2014. I am excited for this upcoming week before spring break kicks off. I am especially excited for a the fun things going on through the days, but one of the most things i am excited about is the balding for dollars and supporting some of my friends. Also, with raising money for cancer.

Term 1 Report Card Reflection

For my term 1 report card i think i did good. For some of my subjects i was correct and some where incorrect. Overall I am happy with my overall mark for my term 1 report card and am looking forward to in the up coming years to hopefully be on the honour roles and principles list.

My Goals

These are my GROW goals for this year

G: I want to be able to overhand serve in volleyball

R: It is achievable if I practice every week

O: I will practice when I have volleyball practices in the morning and when we warm up in volleyball games just so I get use to it again.

W: I want to be able to achieve this by November. I can tell when I have achieved this goal because I will be able to serve the ball over the net with an overhand serve.


G: I want to achieve on my writing in english and socials.

R: It is an appropriate goal for me to achieve.

O: I will practice my writing about 2 hours a week since I have someone that helps me with my wirting

W: I want to be able to achieve this goal by February. I will know when I have achieved this goal because i will be getting good grades in my writing.


G: read half an hour each night

R: i think it is a reasonable goal since i don’t read a lot

O: i will start off by reading books that i like and maybe some requests that my friends give me

W: i want to be able to achieve this by January. I’ll knwo when i have achieved this goal because i will be reading every night and when ever i have free time

Trans-disciplinary Skills

Trans-disciplinary skills: A trans-disciplinary skill I have strength in is communication skills. I view any of my presentations before I go to present them to make sure that it makes sense. In addition, I listen to my friends about what their decisions are, and what they have to say. Furthermore, when I speak in front of an audience I use a loud and clear voice. During my mould experiment I used a clear, loud voice and knew what I was talking about when I presented in case people had questions at the end. When we are doing an Explain Everything and we are using voice over record in a quite place, and not a noisy place where you can’t hear yourself. After seeing what grade 7 is like at Mulgrave I am going to work on my social skills. I will have to be taking responsibility with my schedule and work I have for the day. Remember and managing my time when we have to change classes since don’t have a certain room to go to. I will have to remember what classes I have and what room they are so I won’t be late, and you have lots of different teachers for each subject.