Camp Reflection

Near the beginning of the school year, the grade 8’s went on a hiking trip to Garibaldi. I was in the intermediate so we went to Checkamus Lake and hiked up to meadow area near the top. The hike was a good level for me. It wasn’t too steep, but also it wasn’t just all flat ground. Cooking outside and making our own food was lots of fun, since I don’t usually cook at home. Also sleeping with my friends and setting up the tents was so much fun as I was with most of my friends. It was a great time and I really enjoyed it.

Volleyball Update

This year I have joined the grade 8 bantam girls volleyball team along with many of my friends. We have been practicing 3x a week. Tuesday – 7:00am – 8:45am, Wednesday – 3:30pm – 5:00pm, and Friday – 2:30pm – 3:30pm.


I am involved in the middle school MSAC. Lately, in MSAC we have been talking about an upcoming event that is going to happened which is Halloween. We have been organizing what we are going to do for Halloween this year. We have also gotten into groups for which event we would organize.

Reflection on Camp Goal

My camp goal was to talk to new people instead of always talking with my friends and to alway shave a positive attitude. I achieved this goal because I talked to some of my old friends that I haven’t been talking to lately since we didn’t have many new students come on our hiking trip. I sort of achieved my goal about staying positive. I complained a few times or just kept on saying that I was so tired. Overall, I achieved my goals, but could just improve on have a positive attitude.

Summer 2K14

This year I had a very active summer. I went up to my cabin in Vernon for 5 weeks and did many activities on the water. I went wake boarding and wake surfing almost every day. I also had family friends come up almost every week so I also got to spend time with them and catch up on any big news. Also, I got to go for a 2 week camping trip on Bowen Island. I saw many of my camp friends and we did many activities each day such as: games, play in the lake, go to the beach, over0night camping trip, repelling, climbing a mountain and much more. I had a great summer and can’t wait for next year.

Camp Goals

Next week I will be going on the grade 8 hiking trip. One of my goals is to talk with new people besides just my friends and to always have a positive attitude. The way how I will know that I have achieved this goals is by knowing that i talked to new friends on the hiking trip and that I have always been happy and positive and never negative. I will have some problems about  trying to accomplish those goals because I always like to talk to my friends I always hang out with and also when I am tired or just exhausted I get kind of grumpy. I am going to try and not let those come to me during the experience and just have a great time with all my friends.

CAS Plan 2014/2015

My CAS Plan 2014-2015


Creativity – Piano and Choir

Action – Dance

Service – MSAC



Creativity – We Day

Action – Volleyball and basketball

Service – stacking up chairs in cafeteria

Final Reflection

It is now coming down to the last week of a great school year. I successfully finished my CAS/DPA. For my minor creativity was piano. My minor for action was volleyball, basketball, and mustangs. My minor service was the Welcome Back BBQ. My major for creativity was Choir. We would meet every Wednesday at lunch (half and hour) and Friday after school (1 hour). My major for action was dance (2 hours a week) and my major service was Animal Welfare (meet every Thursday at lunch). The CAS and DPA were fun as well as some challenges.


Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.21.08 PM

Right now i am still doing dance. I have been doing it since i was about 3/4 so around 10/11 years. It is really fun with trying new moves and trying new tricks. I used to do 6 hours a week with 2 competitive classes. Now i am only doing 2 hours a week, although later on i would really love to get back into the competitive classes and compete again.


Volleyball was also very fun. We also got to play many team except we got to play lots of public school and we played grade 8’s. It was a great challenge for playing games with people who are a year older you and it was even more great when we won lots of them. The volleyball season was amazing.