Term 1 Report Card Reflection

For my term 1 report card i think i did good. For some of my subjects i was correct and some where incorrect. Overall I am happy with my overall mark for my term 1 report card and am looking forward to in the up coming years to hopefully be on the honour roles and principles list.



Major: Choir

Minor: Art Of Today



Major: Dance

Minor: Basketball and Volleyball



Major: Animals welfare

Minor: Welcome back BBQ


Basketball is one of my minor commitments. In basketball we have been practicing a whole bunch of stuff. We have been practicing lay ups, screens, rules gameplay, etc. I think the A team is doing very well and we have only lost very little games which is great. I am looking forward for the last few practices and games for the season. Go Titans Go!

Animal Welfare

Animals Welfare is my major service commitment. We are a small group but with many ideas. Some of our ideas are: donate toy to shelters and adopting animals. Animal Welfare runs during every Thursday at lunch time. I really hope we can adopt an animal and help the spices around us.




Creativity Minor: art of today

Creativity Major: choir

Action minor: volleyball

Action major: dance

Service Minor: BBQ

Service Major: Animal Welfare

My Progress Report

I think i did well on my progress report. I did well on some of the subjects that i thought i thought i wouldn’t have done very well on like with my socials i did well on with getting some of the boxes highlighted in the 7-8 and 5-6. I don’t really need to improve on anything i am doing pretty well with all my subjects and electives, although i can work on science even though it is my first year of doing it. I can work on understanding it and getting it done. . My English and socials relate to one of my goals which is getting better with my writing. I have gotten some good high marks back from my socials for my essay’s. Volleyball for life helped me with my overhand serve for me to achieve it. Overall, i am happy with the mark i have so far and i am excited to learn new things. I am learning new things as i go along with school. I put most of my effort into my subjects and do everything i commit to.




Volleyball (2 1/2 months)

Dance (Friday 1 hour, Monday 1 hour)

Volleyball for life (Tuesday 90 minutes)

PE (Monday and Thursdays 45 minutes week 2, Friday 90 minutes)

Grounders (everyday for 30 minutes)



Geometry Test

For this set I got the same mark, but I got less answers in-correct and more correct than last time. I can work on reading parts that I am not familiar with even if I am familiar with it because they can always be tricky ones. I was happy with the mark I got and I actually got the mark I thinking that I would get. So overall I am happy with the mark I got!