My Goals

These are my GROW goals for this year

G: I want to be able to overhand serve in volleyball

R: It is achievable if I practice every week

O: I will practice when I have volleyball practices in the morning and when we warm up in volleyball games just so I get use to it again.

W: I want to be able to achieve this by November. I can tell when I have achieved this goal because I will be able to serve the ball over the net with an overhand serve.


G: I want to achieve on my writing in english and socials.

R: It is an appropriate goal for me to achieve.

O: I will practice my writing about 2 hours a week since I have someone that helps me with my wirting

W: I want to be able to achieve this goal by February. I will know when I have achieved this goal because i will be getting good grades in my writing.


G: read half an hour each night

R: i think it is a reasonable goal since i don’t read a lot

O: i will start off by reading books that i like and maybe some requests that my friends give me

W: i want to be able to achieve this by January. I’ll knwo when i have achieved this goal because i will be reading every night and when ever i have free time

Cas Plan



Major – Choir

Minor – Art of today



Major – Dance

Minor – Volleyball



Major – Animal wildlife

Minor – student life photography

Science Test Reflection

Next time I there is a science test I will make sure that I have the units and I show how I got the answer for the question. I got notes from power points and looking in the textbook and workbook. So next time I am going to work on all the question that in the workbook that can help me for the test. I think in the future when I have more test I will study more and review with my parents and ask them questions.

Camp 2013-2014

Fun, energetic and epic is what all what  is needed for this camp. One of my goals at camp is to finish a hike without complaining or being very tired. Sleeping outside, learning how to tie ropes, and putting your tarp up is gonna be so much fun! I am also looking forward to be canoeing with lots of my friends and classmates, as well as going on a hike with lots of my friends. This will be so much fun! I am really excited to be having a great time on Anvil Island.

Tunnel Book Reflection

My tunnel book represents all the things in my life that I love to do with my friends, family and by myself. Volleyball is a sport I love to do with my family and friends and it reminds me of the first day I started volleyball. A basketball because my dad encourages me to take basketball so I can be a good player and play against him someday. Lollipops is what I wish I could have and other candy whenever I can. Airplanes because I love to travel to different places around the world, especially in the United States. Gems is for all the arts and crafts that I like to do in my spare time, over the holidays and weekends. Gingerbread man because whenever I see them it reminds me of the winter time, which I get to spend with my whole family. Also because my birthday in in December, and I get to bake yummy goods. The word six because I made this in 6th grade. 4 because there’s are 4 members in my family. 13 because I made this in 2013. Bones and biscuits for all the dogs and puppies in my family that I go and visit. When I go and see my aunt, uncle, and cousins and because I want a puppy because in my opinion I think that they are so cute and adorable to have as a pet. Leaves that represent the maple leaf which represents Canada, since there is one on our flag. Flowers because I love nature and how the flowers are so beautiful and gorgeous. The word Pro Arte is my dance school that I have been going to since I was 7 or 6 years old. All of these pictures represent me.
Mollie Haugom


Moving Towards Success

During our math unit Operations With Decimals I had some strengths and weakness. My strengths were with adding and subtracting decimals as well as dividing and multiplying decimals. I first had a little trouble with multiplying decimals because I never knew how to do that also I had trouble multiplying with a decimal place and converting fractions into decimals. Some strategies I used was that when we would be dividing I had to make the number smaller and when it was multiplying I would have to make the number larger. I am proud of my math test because I did really well with the word problems and sometimes I don’t always get the problems. Some new understandings I found out was when you would multiply the amount of number after the decimal would be the amount of decimals numbers in the final answer. Overall I feel like the math unit has made me a better learner with figuring out which areas I have struggles with and which areas I succeeded in with decimals.

My Knowledge

Knowledge: Some new things I have learned just from end of November until now. For yeast the form is that yeast are tiny little blobs together. Also, there can be good mould and bad moulds. Moulds can kill other moulds and their are many mould names. Black mould can cause lung disease, and the colours can be named. Like green is for penicillium. I also, know have a better understanding of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.