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Welcome to the US Student Life announcements and news blog interface, which is also an extension of the US Mulgrave eFolio: TheMulgraveCitizen @ https://pln.mulgrave.com/mulgravecitizen

This site is home to all your news and alerts about student happenings, resources and opportunities for citizenship, service, CAS and social good throughout the year. You will get an email at the start of each school week with a link to the latest Student Life post. You are also encouraged to sign up and subscribe to the TMC by email or RSS feed (such as iGoogle or Google Reader, for example). By doing so, you will receive the full text posting in your inbox/reader as soon as it is published, rather than receiving just a link via email. You will also receive any additional alerts about other student life and school happenings. The Mulgrave community can also keep up-to-date on TMC news by following the Mulgrave Twitter account: @MulgraveSchool.

World Food Week: Free The Children reminds you to take action for our friends in the horn of Africa. Check out the clips on:



Friday is a ProD Day (No School). Next Monday is a late start @ 10am (Teacher Collaboration Session). Find out what’s happening daily on MulgraveNet school calendar. And subscribe to iCal to get the calendar feed right in your Outlook.

CONGRATULATIONS G10s on finishing your Personal Projects! As this is the UN Day for the Eradication of World Poverty, we thought it would be appropriate to show you Jasmine M’s Personal Project documentary on the UN Milennium Development Goals at two organisations working to provide care and heath services to the poor locally and internationally:

Writers’ Festival field experiences this week for G9s and 10s… Lucky you!

Team Photos: Tues

House Meeting this Week: Tues 3.10-3.30

GEO Trip Information Evening for parents: Wed 7.00-8.30pm: China G7-9, Costa Rica G9-11, Kenya G10-12

SAT Prep Class is Wed: Time: 4:30pm – 7:00pm

House Competitions this week: Basketball!


Click here for the weekly schedule of games. GO TITANS GO!


Basketball Season is just around the corner!! Please sign up in Mr. Leduc’s office if you would like to play on one of our teams this year. The deadline to signup is Monday, October 24th. Go Titans Go!!!



CO-CURRICULAR CLUBS ARE ON THIS WEEK: Click here for the fall guide. Also check our TMC Mulgrave Clubs page for all the details (coming soon).

Please make sure you have  registered online. If you haven’t and you are joining/have joined the club, please register online through Ms May in the MS office:

Hungry For Change: FreeRice (SS)

Thurs @ 1.10 Rm TBC

Yang G12 gey@mulgrave.com


US Design Club

Fri @ 1.10 1022

Cheryl G12 linaksitac@mulgrave.com

Mr Wilson awilson@mulgrave.com

Hungry for Change: FreeRice (MS)

Fri @ 1pm 2026

Mr Wilson/Ms Mc


Animal Welfare Club

Fri @ 1pm 2025

Mr Wilson/Ms Collins


Photography Club

Ad hoc 1pm 1022

Mr Wilson/Ms Mc


Invisible Children (G7)

Fri @ 1pm 1039

Noojan/Flo G11s belangerjonesf@mulgrave.com

Mr Wilson


Invisible Children (G8-12)

Tues @ 1.10pm 1039

Noojan/Flo G11s belangerjonesf@mulgrave.com

Mr Wilson

Amnesty International Club

Tues @ 1.10pm Annex C9

Mr Pulfer/Mr Hardy

Global Week Organising Committee

Wed @ 1.10 in 1002

Graham B brownb@mulgrave.com

Mr Wilson/Mr Pulfer


Thurs 1.10 1022

Jasmine S somanij@mulgrave.com/Mr Wilson

Under the Sea

Thursday @ 1:00pm 2006

Sunny C choih@mulgrave.com/Ms Roy

Global Issues Club

Friday @ lunch Annex C9

Mr Pulfer/Mr Hardy

Random Acts of Cookies

Thursday @ 1pm 2026

Mr Wilson/Ms Mc



Did you know that poverty is the leading cause of homelessness in Canada. And if poverty was a social network it would be twice the size of Facebook ow.ly/6Z6aO . The Sixth Annual Homelessness Action Week will be October 10 – 16, 2011. Communities and organizations throughout Metro Vancouver, BC and the Yukon organized events to mark Homelessness Action Week. Learn about the causes of homelessness. Volunteer to help make a difference.


WORLD FOOD WEEK! Our food system is broken. Get involed in the club Hungry for Change to find out more or check out @AidAction’s #HungerFree campaign Oxfam’s GROW CAMPAIGN. Support a food system, from plot to the plate, that is fair and sustainable:

WHAT ARE LAND GRABS? A significant part of the broken food system relates to current trends in global land grabs from the poor:

BUY LOCAL! The local food movement is taking the world by storm, as more people learn about the numerous benefits of eating locally.What exactly is local food? Is it hype? In a word, no. It’s grown nearby, and supports your local economy. It tastes better because your food is often harvested on the day of purchase. It’s healthier, as local crops are designed to taste good rather than spend weeks in transit and on store shelves. Plus, eliminating that long trip fights climate change. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable farming practices, there are plenty of online resources — and even mobile apps — that can make eating environmentally sustainable food easy. In honor of World Food Day (Oct. 16), Mashable is participating in Blog Action Day, which is seeking to create an online global conversation about food issues. We’ve chosen to contribute by sparking a discussion of local farming. We hope this post opens your eyes to ways you can connect with the local food movement, by making your daily food consumption more environmentally and economically sustainable. Check out Wholeshare to find out how you can connect.



Invisible Children club meetings Tues 1039 (G8-12) at 1.10pm and next Fri 1039 (G7).

The Protection Plan from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.


GIRL EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. West Point Grey Academy is hosting a unique girl leadership conference in which girls in G11-12 are matched up with mentors. The conference takes place from Nov 19-20th. Two delegates from each ISA school can apply to attend. Registration cost is $125. Contact Mr Wilson if you are interested: Girl Empowerment & Leadership Conference WPGA 2011

Nobel Prize for Peace Historic Honour Shared by Three Women for their Non-Violent Struggles for Women’s Rights, two of whom are from Liberia, Africa, and one from Yemen, a tribute to the Arab Spring Movement. Check it out here.

HALLOWEEN SOCIAL JUSTICE: Did you know children are often exploited to harvest cocoa throughout the world? Let’s have a NoHersheyHalloween until @Hersheys commits to buying certified cocoa. http://chn.ge/fiXI0x @ChangeSlavery


REEL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL & CONTEST: Reel Youth is proud to announce the winners of the 2011-12 Reel Youth Film Festival, determined by audience votes from over 30 communities! We are showcasing all of the winning films in our gallery, which you can check out here. AND we are about to launch the 2011-12 Reel Youth Film Festival tour, with premier screenings at the Vancouver International Film Festival in October. We would love to see you there! Event info can be found here.

Enter TheTyee Film Contest: What stands between you & a free iPad? Submit your crowd-pleasing REEL BC short film. Deadline is soon!

Global Hands

MULGRAVE eFOLIO BLOG LAUNCHES DELAYED DUE TO EDUBLOGS UPGRADE. Check your emails this week for doc links and blog sign ups.

Red Cross

G10-12s Get Involved in the Red Cross Global Issues Symposium: Registration for the Red Cross Global Issues Symposium for Youth has opened. This is without a doubt one of the best simulation based global education workshops out there for youth. Click here to find out more and get your registration details. You can also find info on the Facebook fan page by searching “Global Issues Symposium for Youth”. Let Mr Wilson know if you are planning on applying. Spots fill up fast so if you are interested you are advised to act quickly.

RANDOM ACTS OF COOKIES CLUB: We want you to know happiness is good for you. Want to join in. Come to our club meeting and engage in good deeds to change the world. Meetings Thus at 1.00pm in 2026. Speak to Ms Mac or Mr Wilson.

G7-9 M-SAC Retreat has been moved to Wed Oct 26 4-7pm and Thurs Oct 27 12-5pm. There has also been some confusion about where we meet. M-SAC meets every Monday where possible in 2006 with Ms Roy in her room.

GEO service learning trips for 2011-12 have been finalised. We are excited to announce a partnership with Free The Children’s Me to We Trips this year, which will include two exciting new service-based programmes in Kenya and China:
1. G7-9 China Me to We (June 2012)
2. G9-11 Costa Rica CATIE (March Break 2012)
3. G10-12 Kenya Me to We (July 2012)

See details posted in Mulgrave news two weeks ago. The GEO Trips Information evening for parents and students is now on Wed Oct 19 7.00-8.30pm. Application details will be out this week. Check out the clip below for more details on Me to We Trips:


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