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Xin Nian Kuai Le 

To many, one symbol of Chinese culture stands above all the others: the dragon. After all, the dragon makes an appearance in most street and water festivals, forms part of the design of the brand of Hong Kong and was historically used as a symbol of the emperor of China. The pervasiveness of the dragon in Chinese culture might seem a little odd to Westerners, given that in the West dragons are often perceived as evil creatures, beings to be slain, obstacles to be overcome. But in Chinese folklore, dragons are a different breed altogether. Indeed, the dragon is a symbol of strength, of power, and of good luck.

The first day of the year 4710 begins on Mon Jan 23. We will therefore see huge celebrations in China and in Chinese communities around the world. In China, the celebrations are known as the Spring Festival, a 15-day-long observance that includes feasts, family reunions, and the conspicuous use of the colour red. (Chinese New Year red envelopes are a common sight across Canada and elsewhere.) And red is popular because, according to legend, it was used to scare away a beast that preyed upon humans.

We ought to remember, however, that the Lunar New Year is not merely a Chinese celebration.Indeed, it is a major holiday across much of Asia. In Korea, the holiday of Solnal is celebrated for three days, during which children put on traditional clothes called hanbok and give thanks to their elders and ancestors. Feasts and gift-giving are also important parts of the holiday, as are various activities designed to scare away evil spirits, including the beating of loud drums and gongs and the burning of bamboo.In Vietnam, the holiday of Tet Nguyen Dan (Feast of the First Morning) also lasts three days, and similarly involves family reunions, the purchase of new clothes, substantial dinners and firecrackers. As in China, lucky children receive red envelopes, usually containing money.

The Tibetan holiday of Losar is, like the Chinese Spring Festival, a 15-day affair. Losar, which is thousands of years old and predates Buddhism, also involves dinners and family reunions, as well as offerings to the Dalai Lama. It is also celebrated in Bhutan, and in Buddhist areas of India.

On the first day of the Mongolian New Year, Tsagaan Sar (White Moon), children pay homage to their senior relatives, with the most honoured receiving scarves. Kinship remains the focus of the festival, which lasts seven days and is also marked by various shamanistic rituals. (excerpt from the Vancouver Sun). 


IT’S G10 EXAM WEEK IN THE ANNEX. To find out out more happenings this week, check out the MulgraveNet school calendar. And subscribe to iCal to get the calendar feed right to your laptop, tablet or smartphone calendar.

LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS AT LUNCH. Throughout the week at lunch check out the different New Year activities from calligraphy to games to food to performances. Don’t miss it!

DESTINATION IMAGINATION CLUB. Do you like problem-solving? How about coming up with unique solutions to problems? What about hands-on work? Are you interested in working with others?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are an ideal candidate to take part in the school’s Destination ImagiNation team, a programme in which student teams solve open-ended challenges and present solutions at tournaments. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the challenges. Participants learn to unleash their imaginations and take unique approaches to problem solving.

Florence G10 and Flavie B G7 are starting a Destination ImagiNation club at Mulgrave. They will be focusing on creative projects and activities and hopefully competing in a regional competition in March. Check it out! For more information, they will be having their first meeting next Tues Jan 17th in 1029 in Ms. Carbone’s room at 7:15 AM. If you’d like some more detail about what they will be doing feel free to stop by or email belangerjonesf@mulgrave.com.

CULTURAL DRESS DAY CELEBRATING THE LUNAR NEW YEAR  ON MONDAY. Mon Jan 23. Wear tradiional cultural dress or red. $2 to participate. All proceeds support GEO service programmes.


Kenya: Wed Jan 18. @1.15 in 1022.
Costa Rica:  Thurs @ 1.15 in 1022.
China: Fri Jan 20 @ 12.50 in C9 Annex (Mr Hardy’s room). Global Citizenship Workshop Wed Jan 25 in C9/Annex 4-6pm. Compulsory!

House Competitions. No competitions listed this week!

ARE YOU “LOUDER THAN THE BOMB?” A mic. A stage. A pen. A page. The greatest youth slam fest in the US… the story, the documentary preview coming to Mulgrave soon…

G11-12 IB DP Theatre Presentations Tues @ 5.30 in the theatre. Check it out!

G7-8 Course Information Assembly & Evening this week. Check school calendar for dates.


G7 Celebration of Science Thurs 6pm


Click here for the weekly schedule of games. GO TITANS GO!

GREAT WEEKEND. Congratulations to the Grade 8 Girls’ basketball team who won the silver medal at the ISAA Championships this week. Go Titans Go!!!



MAKE SURE YOU eFOLIO BLOGS ARE UP-TO-DATE (& SUBMITTED FOR GRADS). Assessments are happening now for G10-12. Don’t forget to get your eFolio and CAS blogs/packages up to date!


Do girls have to buy pink?


TALENT WANTED FOR NOT FOR SALE BENEFIT CONCERT. S-SAC is looking for Mulgrave musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, poets and performers for a special evening event in support of Not 4 Sale during Spirit Week on Wed Mar 9. We also hope to have a few celebrity performers.  All proceeds raised fight child labour and human trafficking! Contact Melissa G G11 godinm@mulgrave.com if you are interested in getting involved now!


GET INVOLVED IN OUR ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION CLUBS LIKE “UNDER THE SEA”. Help support endangered marine life. Contact Sunny @ choih@mulgrave.com



WEST VANCOUVER POLICE DEPARTMENT. 1330 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. CONTACT: Cst Kelly English PHONE: (604) 925-7300. WEBSITE: www.wvpd.ca. VOLUNTEER TITLE: West Vancouver Police Student Work and Advisory Team (SWAT). VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Be part of a powerful community group made up of youth volunteers. SWAT Team members help to coordinate fun an interactive events involving the West Vancouver Police and the community youth such as the West Vancouver Police Ambleside Family Carnival. Also, help with important programs to promote crime prevention and community outreach initiatives while delivering important information to businesses and the community. SWAT members are expected to hold regular meetings to represent youth to help advise Police on issues faced by young people in West Vancouver. REQUIREMENTS: Students who would like to participate must be a West Vancouver Resident and attend a private or public school (Grade 8 – 12) and pass a background check. SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES DEVELOPED AND BENEFITS: Communication skills and experience working with police and community services. Students who participate in this program can obtain community service hour credits for their high school requirements. MINIMUM AGE: 13 (or be enrolled in Grade 8)

CHECK OUT Mulgrave Service-BasedClubs. Please register online or with Ms May in the MS office if you decide to join a Mulgrave club.

Global Hands


The Canadian Red Cross is holding their annual Humanity Strikes Back Conference on Feb 18th and 19th from 9-5pm at 3400 Lake City Way, Burnaby BC. This is a youth conference targeted at Gr. 9-12s teaching them how to build skills for activism. Cost of event is $50 – includes conference fees, materials and meals. For more information, please go to www.humanitystrikesback.ca; email humanitystrikesback@redcross.ca; or call Melanie at 604 709 6653. Take action!

JOIN MULGRAVE”S SUN RUN TEAM NOW: The run happens Sunday, April 15th, 2012 at 9 AM. Starting at Georgia Street between Thurlow Street and Burrard Street. The Vancouver Sun run is Canada’s best community run, as well as being the 2nd largest timed 10K run in the world. Last year, 51,419 Sun Runners all over Vancouver participated and celebrated the 26th year of the event. Cost: students-$25, Teachers-$35 (Discount for running with the school). SIGN UP FAST, BECAUSE THE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT DEADLINE IS APPROACHING! Register by January 31st for the early bird discount. If you want to run with the Mulgrave Titans Team, sign up on-line. Details in the email sent out last week. Registration on http://activenet1ca.active.com/vancouversunrun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask student organiser Niko K in grade 11 at keshtkarn@mulgrave.com.

CALLING ALL ECO-ACTIVISTS & FISH LOVERS: SALMON RELEASE STUDENT LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY. This is a great leadership opportunity to work with JS students on their salmon release project. Let Mr Wilson know if you would like to join the team. I will arrange a meeting of interested parties soon.

WE WANT YOU! 4 GLOBAL WEEK 2012 MEETS WEDNESDAYS 1002 @ 1.15. G10-11s should check your emails for an invitation to get involved leading next year’s global education initiative. This term will be spent exploring global issues and developing a global focus. Contact Mr Wilson for details.

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