Student eFolio Blog Links Are Now Up on TheMulgraveCitizen

Links to all G7-11 student blogs are now posted on TheMulgraveCitizen. Check them out to see what everyone is blogging about (NOTE: G7 blogs will not be public until mid-February).

Check Out Passport2SocialGood on Posterous & Tumblr

 Last week, I launched Passport2SocialGood on Posterous and a parallel identical site Passport2SocialGood on Tumblr (choice is given so students/parents/staff can pick their preferred social media format). This is a searchable micro-blog resource listing of on-going global-local MYP/CAS eFolio opportunities in creativity, action, service/citizenship, volunteering and leadership at school and beyond. It is an extension of the Student Life announcements news blog TheMulgraveCitizen: News that Makes a Difference and the parallel twitter account @MulgraveCitizen.

A significant emphasis is on local opportunities for volunteerism and social enterprise or entrepreneurism.

It is the ultimate resource for eFolio opportunities.

The searchable listings for Passport2SocialGood are all tagged with the stardardised listings noted below. The key eFolio tags for students are obviously “creativity, “action” “service”, “local”, “global”, and “school”. They can also just search the blog by subject and key words:

Students can browse weekly listings, search tags for grouped opportunities or just search around. Students and parents can also subscribe to the blog by following it or setting up a feed for a reader. If what I’ve said here makes little sense to you, but you want to figure it out and take advantage of “following” resource blogs, I will offer future parent/student information sessions on how to get the most out of these great new resources.

Check your the upcoming TMC or newsletter posts for details. With this addition to Student Life resources, students, staff and parents have many flexible online options to explore a diversity of local and global impact opportunities for social good at school and beyond!


  1. TheMulgraveCitizen // TMC. News That Makes A Difference. A weekly news and announcements about weekly student life activities and eFolio opportunities (subscribe by email or feed). TMC posts comes out every week, usually on Mondays.
  2. TMC is also the host of many other eFolio resources
    1. MYP eFolio Steps Guide
    2. CAS eFolio Steps Guide
    3. Student eFolio links and samples G7-11 2011-2012
    4. Passport2SocialGood // ‘Globalocal’ MYP/CAS eFolio Resources
      1. Passport2SocialGood on Posterous
      2.  Passport2SocialGood on Tumblr

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