The G6-10 MY (MYP Middle Years) Passport has been launched for the 2018-2019 school year.  What is Passport? It’s your ticket to real-world experiential learning outside the classroom. Read more below.

Passport is our Upper School innovative digital portfolio in which students reflect, showcase and archive their experiences, learning and 21 century skill development in a range of domains, such as leadership, service and intercultural, inside and outside the classroom, locally and globally. Passport is also a place that demonstrates growth in students’ approaches to learning skills (ATLs) and provides an important part of their “record of achievement” (ROAs) in different forms at Mulgrave until G10.

Upper School students will develop their own Passport site, using a WordPress-based Edublogs platform, to host all their experiences and reflections, During Advising, Homeroom and Character Education, students will learn more about the expectations and have opportunities to develop their profile, on-going goals, and areas for engagement as the year progresses.We are also always looking for ways to make Passport more meaningful, effective and relevant to students.

You may want to consider joining MTIC our new Mulgrave Technology Integrations Council leadership team. Check TMC or you Mulgrave email for invitations to apply to join the team!


All of this information is also hosted in the Passport Google Classroom. Here are two things you need to start on now:

  1. Passport Goals: to be completed by Oct 10 2018. Please post and update goals on an ongoing basis throughout the year as you engage in the experiences of Passport. Speak to your Advisor teacher for due dates specifics in your Advisory.
  2. Passport Profile: to be completed by Oct 10 2018. This should be completed/updated for 2018. Please see overview here or speaker to your Advisor teacher
Find out more about upcoming Passport deadlines via your MY Passport Google Classroom (sign up codes posted below) or check out Passport Hub here — both spaces have all the resources you need including the MY Passport Guide, the Student Passport Sites page and Important Passport Deadlines.

If you have any questions check in with your let me know. Happy Passporting!

MY Passport Google Classroom Codes: 

  1. Join G7 Passport: q556pha
  2. Join G8 Passport: j0c70yc
  3. Join G9 Passport: rc41wu
  4. Join G10 Passport: 1duucrj

Antony Wilson
Head of Global Engagement and Service Learning

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