We are are looking for new, engaging, innovative, kickstarter ideas that students feel would have a positive impact on learning, “social good” and well being for our community and world. We are looking for change agents, global citizens and entrepreneurs with the next big idea. Want to start a new club, initiative, campaign at Mulgrave or beyond in the arts, athletics, outdoor ed, service? Want to bring a new learning opportunity, presentation, event, speaker, activity to our school? Want to promote a cause or advocate for change at Mulgrave, in our community or world?

Apply to StartUp!

StartUp is a panel, led by student leaders on the Senior Service Action Council (SSAC), that will review student applications for new initiatives and ideas in the Upper School; we will listen to your pitch at a meeting and make recommendations to applicants and the school if we think your pitch is something we should embrace and support. We will also provide referrals, resources and mentorship to help students get their ideas off the ground. If the StartUp team decides that your proposal is not ready or appropriate to launch (yet), they will guide you and support you around what you could do next.

Ready to apply? Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year. There are no deadlines.

After applying, you will be invited to a StartUp meeting on a Thursday at lunch in 1039 (Mr Wilson’s room) in the Social Impact Lab where you will make your “elevator pitch”: a short, 30-60 second well crafted pitch telling someone who you are and why we (Mulgrave) should startup your proposed club, activity, event. Why are they calling elevator pitch? Because we should be able to sell your idea to the people you’re talking to with him the link the time you might ride an elevator with them.

Simpson: https://goo.gl/MW3tBP
Pink: https://goo.gl/n0Ma7G

Here’s what you need to do:

Come up with a good idea/club/activity/event that you and/or others feel would be positive or impactful addition to the Mulgrave — especially in terms learning, “social good” and/or well being for our community and beyond.

APPLY! Complete the StartUp application below.

After you submit your application, you will be contacted by the Startup team very shortly to arrange a meeting. The Startup team will review your pitch and advise you on the next steps to support you in your goal

Be prepared to identify your teacher sponsor(s) (if relevant) and other key details as laid out in the StartUp application below.

After the StartUp meeting, the team will follow up with you by email to let you know if your proposal was accepted, accepted with recommendations, requires revision or requires alternative arrangements. The team will also consult with the Co-Curricular Coordination (Mr Cutbill) and the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), including school Principals and Vice Principals, to determine final approval if your proposal is recommended by StartUp.

Throughout your startup process or revision, the StartUp team, Mr Cutbill and Mr Wilson will be available to mentor, advise and support you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our StartUp lead on SSAC David Zhang G11.

Good luck to all applicants!

David Zheng zhengz@mulgrave.com and the SSAC Team

Antony Wilson
Head of Global Engagement and Service Learning

Jason Cutbill
Co-Curricular Coordinator


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