The Mulgrave Technology Integration Council (MTIC) is an Upper School student-led leadership team that works with both school administration and the students to guarantee the effectiveness of the technologies used in Mulgrave.

Current projects include proposals to remake MY Passport, develop SEQTA integration and review the idea of a new Global Citizenship Award.

If you are interested in applying to join this exciting new student-led leadership Council, please contact contact David Chen G11 at


We are currently exploring options for changing and improving the MY Passport platform and process. Students have criticized the platform as outdated and not as effective as it could be in developing real engagement in learning and highlighting student achievements.

MTIC wants to change this. We are now looking to consult with you to see if we can propose student-inspired changes to the platform and process that will make it a more effective and meaningful educational tool for all. This week on September 19th, we will be conducting a focus group in Mr. Wilson’s room at 1:30. We would love if you could come by and provide your feedback.

Here is the link to the sign up page.

We look forward to hearing your input! If you want to check out MTIC, here is the link to our website. Thank you very much, MTIC Team.

Please contact David Chen G11 for more info at

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