Drop by the Social Impact LabGet Creative & Change Your World

◾  Mr. Wilson <awilson@mulgrave.com>
◾  Thursdays @ 1:30 in Room 1039
Do you have a great idea you want to launch but need support? Are you a (social) entrepreneur seeking to launch your business project or social enterprise? Are you working on a Capstone or Personal Project or developing a proposal and want to plan it with others? Want to make a social impact in art, film or other media? Do you need a place to meet meet with a team you are developing? Are you thinking of pitching a new idea to Mulgrave’s StartUp?

The Social Impact Lab is an “open studio” club you can join to experiment and help build your project, event or social impact venture to change the world. We don’t need to meet all the time, but I’m available if you sign-up. The club is geared to Grade 7-12s working on big ideas.

Send me / Mr Wilson an email awilson@mulgrave.com if you are interested in joining the lab or drop by Thursdays in 1039 to see if it.

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