Advanced polls Wed Oct 17 after school

Municipal elections are happening across BC this coming week and Mulgrave Upper School students are also voting for West Vancouver District candidates for mayor, councillor and school trustee. @StudentVote election is organized by the national Civics organization that promotes youth voice and engagement in government and democracy.

Student Vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, coinciding with official election periods. The purpose is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the democratic process firsthand and practice the habits of informed and engaged citizenship.

Here’s how it will works!

  1. Do your research! Check out emails, posters and presentations by the Global Nomads team next week!
  2. Do your research! Read about the candidates you can vote for!
    1. See mayor candidates here – you will vote for 1
    2. See councillor candidates here – you will vote for  6
    3. School Trustee candidates here – you will vote for 6
  3. VOTE ON THURSDAY @ MULGRAVE (or at advanced polls on Wednesday after school): There will be a polling station set up and run by students beside the cafeteria where are you can do your secret ballot vote and put your vote into the voters ballot box. Your vote does count as results will be included in a municipal-wide student vote report that will be shared on Global News  — who do students want as mayor?

Voting is an important part of your civic responsibility and as a young person getting engaged in this is a way to get you prepared for the “real world” of voting when you’re an adult. Voting is a privilege of our democracy that people in other parts of the world would love to have. It is your chance to influence the government that affects you and allows your voice to be heard. It is part of the UN Sustainable Development goals to get people more engaged in as a vision of building stronger institutions with democratic voices. Don’t sacrifice your voice… get your vote on!

Find out more about the West Vancouver candidates  here. Get ready for student vote @MulgraveSchool



Join the GSA on Fri Oct 12 for snacks and a special screening of “Love, Simon” in the film room 1034


Apply to join the West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Constituency Youth Council (CYC)!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that “young voices must be part of our decision making process.” Each year, our Constituency Youth Council brings together youth from across West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky area to engage with the federal political process as a part of our Liberal Government’s commitment to meaningful engagement.

Our council includes youth from different schools, neighbourhoods and local associations. We meet several times a year and discuss issues that matter to us, our community and our country. Keep checking this site and our CYC Facebook page to find out what we’re working on.

Open to youth aged 15 – 18 who live or go to school in our riding, each member will gain leadership skills, volunteer experience and a certificate at the end of their term. The length of the term is from October 2018 to August 2018. The link to apply is: or here .

Please submit your application by October 15, 2018 to be considered for MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones’ Youth Council, if you are 15 – 18 years old and live or go to school in our riding.

If you have questions, please contact our office at or 604-913-2660.


Hey Mulgrave! Register now. Read more.



Sign up registration now open for the G8-9 GEx via your @MulgraveSchool School Cash Online Account! Register now!


Come to the Screening of the film Indian Horse @MulgraveSchool: Oct 24 8.45-10.45am

Guest speaker and discussion to follow film. Mulgrave Theatre





The G7-10 MY (MYP Middle Years) Passport goals and profile are due.


All of this information is also hosted in the Passport Google Classroom:

  1. Passport Goals: to be completed by Oct 10 2018. Please post and update goals on an ongoing basis throughout the year as you engage in the experiences of Passport. Speak to your Advisor teacher for due dates specifics in your Advisory.
  2. Passport Profile: to be completed by Oct 10 2018. This should be completed/updated for 2018. Please see overview here or speaker to your Advisor teacher
Find out more about upcoming Passport deadlines via your MY Passport Google Classroom (sign up codes posted below) or check out Passport Hub here — both spaces have all the resources you need including the MY Passport Guide, the Student Passport Sites page and Important Passport Deadlines.
Antony Wilson | | Head of Global Engagement and Service Learning


The Global Nomads are a major G9-12 leadership team that focuses on getting Mulgrave engaged in understanding and acting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We run SDG awareness and social impact campaigns, the annual Upper School Global Week (which focuses on SDG engagement) and the Cypress Student Summit, an annual conference on global issues for Mulgrave students.

We meet Mondays at lunch. If you are interested in joining our team this year, our first meeting is on Monday, September 17 at 1:30 PM in room 2026 (Mr Eakin’s room). Treats provided!



Backpack Buddies and Big Buddies Starts Up Soon 

Once again this year, Mulgrave’s Upper School are supporting the Community First Foundation Backpack Buddies programme which makes sure that at risk kids have meals over the weekend; this program is supported through our Advisory programme and via other teams where 1-2 time a year you are asked to bring in food or money to support the collection of kid-friendly meals for children at schools on the North Shore and Vancouver.

Want to be a Big Buddy?
This year we are also running a Mulgrave Big Buddies programme with Admiral Seymour Elementary school in East Van which involves Mulgrave students visiting the school regularly and being “big buddies” helping in the classroom. If you would like to participate in Backpack Buddies or the Big Buddies programmes, you need to get your Advisory involved in Backpack Buddies first. Ask your teacher if he or she is signed up for Backpack Buddies this year and offer to be a leader to help facilitate the programme in your Advisory. Engagement and help with Backpack Buddies is a ticket in for the Big Buddies and then we can send you.


Drop by the Social Impact Lab:
Get Creative & Change Your World

◾  Mr. Wilson <>
◾  Thursdays @ 1:30 in Room 1039
Do you have a great idea you want to launch but need support? Are you a (social) entrepreneur seeking to launch your business project or social enterprise? Are you working on a Capstone or Personal Project or developing a proposal and want to plan it with others? Want to make a social impact in art, film or other media? Do you need a place to meet meet with a team you are developing? Are you thinking of pitching a new idea to Mulgrave’s StartUp? The Social Impact Lab is an “open studio” club you can join to experiment and help build your project, event or social impact venture to change the world. We don’t need to meet all the time, but I’m available if you sign-up. The club is geared to Grade 7-12s working on big ideas. Send me / Mr Wilson an email if you are interested in joining the lab or drop by Thursdays in 1039 to see if it.


Got a great idea for a club, activity, leadership initiative, social good project for Mulgrave or beyond? Want to launch a social entrepreneurship venture? Need support or resources? Submit your proposal to the StartUp crew here.



We’re gearing up for our 25th Anniversary celebrations in December. If you have any photos of Mulgrave or Mulgravians over the years that you’d like to share, please upload them to this folder. Many thanks! If you didn’t receive an invitation to the big birthday bash on December 20th, please send us a note and we’d be glad to email one to you


#Volunteer with the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society #environment #sustainability #Eco

Lighthouse Park Preservation Society is a membership-based non-profit organization formed in 1998 to protect the natural integrity of Lighthouse Park; to promote public awareness of its natural features and to support the development of biological zones near the park boundaries.

VOLUNTEER TITLE: Volunteer Weed and Ivy Pulling
VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Volunteers will be meeting at various parks, including Caulfield Park, North Piccadilly Park and The Dale Park, to pull invasive weeds and ivy
TRAINING AVAILABLE: Training provided by the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers should bring sturdy shoes, hiking boots and work gloves. NSCR’s North SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES DEVELOPED AND BENEFITS: Volunteers will gain experience working in the outdoors and with wildlife
MINIMUM AGE: Grade 7 +


Join EVERGREEN @EvergreenBC

Volunteer with EVERGREEN North Vancouver.

Through our award-winning suite of programmes, EVERGREEN has actively engaged Canadians in creating and sustaining healthy urban environments in our schools, our public spaces, in housing and transit systems and communities themselves.

Contact: Laura Nickerson, Project Manager Phone: 604-913-2703
VOLUNTEER TITLE: City Park Stewards
VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Volunteer will be removing invasive plants from parks and replacing them with trees and shrubs
SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES DEVELOPED AND BENEFITS: Volunteer will get to work outside and gain experience working with local nature
HOURS INVOLVED: 9:00 am -12:00 pm on the fourth Saturday of each month
MINIMUM AGE: High School


Seymour Salmonid Society (Seymour River Fish Hatchery), North Vancouver

CONTACT: Reece Fowler, Volunteer Coordinator
MINIMUM AGE: 15 (younger with parental supervision)



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