If you applied for major leadership next year please read on…

Thank you to everyone who applied for major leadership for next year via the common leadership application in April. Reviewing applications and following up with you can take some time for the different teams involved. Please note, you should hear back from faculty advisors before the end of school year. Some teams have followed up and others such as SAC, Global Nomads, HeadsUp will be reaching out to applicants soon!

If you don’t hear back from one of the the teams you applied to by Jun 21, before the final week of school, please make sure you check in with the faculty advisor posted here for the different teams to get feedback:

  1. Senior School Leadership Teams: https://goo.gl/rckPWj
  2. Middle School Leadership Teams: https://goo.gl/hKgBLr

Or if you have any questions or need support getting involved, please let me know.

Antony Wilson
Head of Global Engagement and Service Learning

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