We are looking for G7-12 students to join our HeadsUp + GSA leadership team. This year we really want to develop a stronger vision and impact on our community with our focus on wellness, mental health, diversity and inclusion. Please come to our first meeting on Sep 11 1.3o PM in 2540. No sure what HeadsUp and the GSA do? Check out the details below…

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Collins mcollins@mulgrave.com.

If you want to sign up for the team you can do so here or below

HeadsUp & Gender Sexuality Alliance (Faculty Advisors: Megan Collins, Maria Ogilvie, Rebecca Brunswick and Antony Wilson)

HeadsUp is an G7-12 Upper School mental health, social-emotional wellness and diversity advisory, awareness and advocacy leadership team. The Mulgrave GSA provides a place for students to examine LGBTQ+ rights and issues while giving opportunity for action and voice for LGBTQ+ students and their allies within the community. Similar to the role that MERT plays in providing emergency (physical) health care and first aid for students, the student-led HeadsUp team provides support for the mental health, wellness, inclusion and safety of our students and community. HeadsUp members often participate in training and awareness-raising programmes including those from from  Jack.org, Talk at the Top and Out in Schools.

We welcome all folks to our team who want to help make Mulgrave a safe, healthy and inclusive community for everyone.

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