Hey Middle School!

SSAC and the IGNIGHT Team is super excited to launch our annual overnight 2019 IGNIGHT event at Mulgrave which is held this year on Fri Nov 22 to Sat Nov 23 — starting at 4.30 PM on Friday and ending Saturday by 8.00 AM.

The IGNIGHT participant registration is still open with an extended registration deadline to MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18. We have a few more spots left. Registration includes a short form here http://bit.ly/2KjXYJ0 that you MUST submit to participate. The fee to participate is $35 which covers dinner, snacks and breakfast and a donation to the Canadian Red Cross campaign to support Rohingya refugees. This payment will be made after your registration next week via Mulgrave School Cash Online.


IGNIGHT is an overnight global education event that focuses on a refugee simulation, “gamification of learning” and other activities to raise awareness and funds this year for the Rohingya Refugee crisis, with funds being donated through the Canadian Red Cross. This activity directly links with our efforts to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Global Goals #1-5 . It is a completely student-run event, sponsored annually with a different focus by Grade 10-11s on the Senior Service Action Council (SSAC).

The overnight event will consist of activities, challenges and late night adventures, all rotating around the challenging experience refugees go through. The activities involve hands-on role playing and games that give you a glance into the perspectives of refugees and puts you in the shoes of someone living in danger, crisis, and harsh conditions. It is an amazing eye-opening learning experience! This event will also be great for your potential service or action goals for the year.

A fee of $35 will be required if you are successfully registered for the event. All the money goes towards the Canadian Red Cross work with the Rohingya Refugee Crisis. It will be incredible! Don’t forget to sign up, spots are limited!  If you have any questions or concerns, do not be afraid to reach out to me and the Ignite Team or Mr. Wilson awilson@mulgrave.com!

Thank you!

The Ignite Team and SSAC
Miks (G10) damjim@mulgrave.com

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