Friday, June 19 @ Mulgrave kicks off our recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day which takes place on Sunday, June 21st. We have a number of different activities planned – both online and in school – and we’re excited to have you all join us and show your support!

Though you have been attending school and online classes in your civvies for the past few weeks, we are inviting you to help start the 3 day celebration by wearing rainbow and/or all colours to raise awareness for Two Spirit and LGBTQ communities. We are encouraging you to bring in a toonie (if you come to school) and all funds will be given to support 2 Spirit Collective. There will be students/teachers at the front entrance where you can give your donation upon entering!

If you are online, don’t worry! There is fun for you to take part in as well. We are excited to announce that tomorrow, founder of Kokom Scrunchies Mya Beaudry will be hosting an Instagram takeover. She will be posting throughout the day so tune in and don’t miss the opportunity to have your name entered in a contest to win some of her infamous scrunchies!

We are also encouraging you to take some time in your classes to have conversations about what it means to be an Ally. Attached is an allytoolkit that can help guide some of the conversation, and teach us all a bit more about the importance of Alllyship. Also, continue the conversation and stay tuned in over the next three days, via Mulgrave and Ms. Teibert’s instagram accounts to see other ways that you can support and celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. There will be videos, stories and live feeds, and some of them will be featuring and highlighting students you might know!
We look forward to seeing you all in your brightest colours tomorrow for the LAST FRIDAY OF THE YEAR!!!!
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