We encourage all Mulgrave Upper School students and staff to wear a black top (black shirt, sweater, hoodie, etc) with your regular uniform kilt or pants to show solidarity with local and global anti-racist and human rights movements such as the Black Lives Matter. This initiative was inspired by the activism of ARC Vancouver, an Anti-Racism Coalition that strives to end all forms of racial inequality through education, legislation, and social events:

Black Shirt Day, proposed to be held on January 15th each year, is a day during which people wear black in recognition of the ongoing struggle for civil rights fought by Black and racialized Canadians. It’s a day to acknowledge and continue education in our schools and to combat racism. Please support #BlackShirtDay on January 15 by wearing a black shirt. We encourage everyone to share this movement with their school or workplace and to continue the conversation.
SOURCE: arc.vancouver

This is NOT a civvies day. There are no costs to joining this Mulgrave initiative; just a commitment to show your continued support for racial justice. Why January 15? It is the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday!

If you would like to learn more about the fight for racial justice, please check out resources through ARC Vancouver or take a look at the boards outside of Mr. Vodrey/Ms. T’s room made by Changemakers regarding Decolonize Canada BIPOC bringing light to some recent and historic injustices towards Black People in Canada. You will also be learning more during MYP Humanities Classes during Black History Month in February. And the conversations around racial justice will be continued during our upcoming Spirit Week 2021 on “Intersectionality” in March (more details to come)

Look forward to seeing you in BLACK on FRIDAY. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Thank you!
Sponsored by Mulgrave’s Senior School Service Action Council (SSAC) and Middle School Changemakers

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