DP eFolio Guide (G11-12)

Mulgrave School smalleFolio Overviews

For general overviews of the two year DP-CAS eFolio, check out:

  1. DP-CAS eFolio Basics (for students)
  2. CAS eFolio Overview (for parents/everyone)

What is a blog anyway? (See video below)


SS CAS eFolio Overview Slideshow VoiceThread (to be updated after parent open door meeting 2015)

Mulgrave School smalleFolio Guide

For the specific 5 steps for meeting your DP-CAS expectations, click the links below:

DP-CAS eFolio Steps

Steps Task(s)
Step 1 Set Up Set up and personalize your Edublog blog; create/update your personal profile (see SET UP BLOG)
Step 2 Plan Develop a 2 year plan of CAS commitments with goals (see PLAN)
Step 3 Engage Engage in your CAS commitments; develop a long-term local volunteer commitment (see ENGAGE)
Step 4 Post Post regular, meaningful reflections on your commitments; complete and post a final individual or advisory group reflection (see POST)
Step 5 Report Finish your programme by posting a final report that confirms your tasks are completed (may be customized by your advisor); post a reflection on the CAS Stages as it applies to your local volunteer experience(s); fulfill any specific expectations of your advisor teacher (see REPORT)


CAS Definitions 2016
What are commitments? CAS eFolio Commitments

 DP CAS eFolio Commitments 2016


  1. CAS eFolio Commitments
  2. CAS eFoio Categories & Tags
  3. DP-CAS eFolio Plan
  4. DP-CAS Year-End Reflections
  5. DP-CAS Final Report


The eFolio programme is facilitated through the Advisory programme and coordinated by Antony Wilson, Head of Student Life & GEO. If you are looking for more eFolio guidance and support, please click here.



G11 DP-CAS Advisor Checks and Deadlines

  1. G11 DP-CAS eFolio Plan Due Sept 29
  2. DP-CAS eFolio Check (Advisor): Starting Jan 26
  3. G11 DP-CAS eFolio Year-End Reflections in Advisory: Starting May 17
  4. G11 DP-CAS eFolio Check: Starting May 10

G12 DP-CAS Advisor Checks and Deadlines

  1. G12 DP-CAS eFolio Check (Advisor): Starting Dec 9
  2. G12 CAS eFolio Final Due Date: Mar 30
  3. G12 DP-CAS eFolio Final Reflections in Advisory: Starting Apr 5
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