DP Step 1. Set Up

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Design your ‘personalised’ Edublog eFolio website. Returning students should update things for the next grade level; new students receive a link to their own blog created on the Mulgrave Personal Learning Network (PLN). Your blog username is a variation of your first name plus your graduating year (i.e. Tony17 or Tony2017).  Blogs should be set up and in use ASAP at the start of the school year

The key parts of eFolio personalisation are:

  1. Developing your own blog title, theme and layout
  2. Setting up your static “About” profile page:  letting people know the purpose of your blog and your values, interests, and goals – what’s important to you (without oversharing!)
  3. Developing a static page for your “CAS Records” (for your CAS plan, goals, reports/log and other record)
  4. Creating and using categories (for subjects and CAS) and tags (for CAS learning outcomes). Also see Edublogs User Guide
  5. Embedding media such as pics, audio, files, YouTube and video
  6. Consider trying out alternative reflection tools like Instagram

Click here for the full Edublogs User Guide. Click here for a full overview of Step 1. Set Up

TIP:Lost, forgot or want to change your password? See Changing your Edublog password or How to retrieve a lost password.

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