DP Step 5. Report

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Students are required to validate all required major and minor CAS commitments via the DP-CAS eFolio Final Report, which, in the end, their Advisor must sign off on. It is up to Advisors how students are expected to demonstrate confirmation of commitments.

Then students must post their CAS Report on their blog as confirmation of the completion of all their commitments and their eFolio. Students may also be asked to post their DPA (Daily Physical Activity) logs or records. Please consult your Advisor about DPA expectations.

REMINDER: CAS supervisors must be a teacher, coach or other adult supervisor and should not be a family member or relative. You must have an Advisor or adult supervisor validate your commitments by initializing or checking the log or reports.

REMINDER: Students G7-9 must do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity during each school day. Grade 10s must do 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Each activity must be at least 10 minutes in duration. Embed your Logs in your eFolio blog.

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