DP Step 2. Plan


Plan your personal learning and CAS commitments. In G11 Year 1, your Advisor will ask you to develop a personal learning plan and goals for the year. You should post these on the CAS Records static page.  Your Advisor will fill you in on this and other uses of the eFolio to showcase your goal-setting and classes this year.

DP-CAS eFolio Plan Doc

The key steps are:

  1. Review DP-CAS eFolio Commitment expectations (see chart below)
  2. Review what qualifies as a CAS commitment: CAS eFolio Commitments
  3. Find commitments in consultation with your family, peers, teachers and Advisor (see SoGo and TMC>>TheMulgraveCitizenGlobal Education & Outreach (GEO) and GoLocal for on-going ‘globalocal’ opportunities)
  4. Create your CAS plan and goals related to the 8 CAS Learning Outcomes using the MY-CAS planning doc
  5. Post your plan, goals and other records on your eFolio under your static page called “CAS Records”

For a more detailed overview click here: Step 2. Plan Overview. For CAS eFolio planning resources and support, click here.

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