MY eFolio Guide (G7-10)

Mulgrave School smalleFolio Overviews
For general overviews of the G7-10 MY-CAS eFolio, check out:

    1. CAS eFolio Basics (for students)
    2. CAS eFolio Overview (for parents/everyone)

What is a blog anyway? (See video below)


G7-9 MY-CAS eFolio Overview Slideshow VoiceThread – Parent Open Door – Oct 9 2014 (will be updated after 2015 MY-CAS eFolio Parent Open Door)

G10-12 SS CAS eFolio Overview Slideshow VoiceThread
(will be updated after 2015 SS eFolio Parent Open Door)



Mulgrave School smalleFolio Guide

For the specific 5 key steps for meeting your G7-10 MY-CAS expectations, click the links below:

Key Steps Task(s)
Step 1 SetUp Set up and personalize your Edublog blog (see SET UP BLOG)
Step 2 Plan Develop a year plan of CAS commitments with goals (see PLAN)
Step 3 Engage Engage in your CAS commitments (see ENGAGE)
Step 4 Post Post regular, meaningful reflections on your commitments. Complete a final reflection (see POST)
Step 5 Report Finish your programme by posting a final report that confirms your tasks are completed (see REPORT)


MY CAS eFolio Commitments 2016

  1. CAS eFolio Commitments
  2. CAS eFoio Categories & Tags
  3. MY-CAS eFolio Plan
  4. MY-CAS Final Reflection
  5. MY-CAS Final Report



The eFolio programme is facilitated through the Advisory programme and coordinated by Antony Wilson, Head of Student Life & GEO. If you are looking for more eFolio guidance and support, please click here.


MY-CAS eFolio CHECKS & DEADLINES 2015-2016

  1. MY-CAS Student Orientation and Overviews (September)
  2. MY-CAS eFolio Plan Due: Starting Sept 29, 2015
  3. MY-CAS eFolio Check (Advisor): Starting Jan 26, 2016
  4. MY-CAS eFolio Due: Starting May 10
  5. MY-CAS eFolio Final Reflections in Advisory: Due Starting May 10, 2016
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