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Blog. Vlog. Tweet. Tumble. Broadcast. Engage in meaningful reflection in the digital medium of Edublogs and blogging. Complete text, visual, audio and/or video log reflections on your eFolio learning experiences throughout the year. Go “Beyond Text” and pilot alternative mediums of reflection like Twiiter, Instagram, SoundCloud and Tumblr. Your reflections and comments should be appropriate for a public environment and you should embrace what it means to be a good digital ctizen, respect personal privacy and the privacy of others, and honour online relationships as you would face-to-face ones. Digital citizenship will also be addressed in Advising and special presentations.

Your key expectations are:

  1. complete regular meaningful reflections or posts on CAS (try WOW HOW NOW as a reflection template or ask your Advisor for guidance on good “reflection”)
  2. post around 10 multimedia reflections on CAS per year (this number is just a guideline; it will vary according to the individual, format and Advisor guidance; it will vary if you pilot alternative reflection tools “Beyond Text”)
  3. share and showcase your learning and achievements with others
  4. post a final reflection based on your Advisor sessions. Click here for an overview of the MY-CAS Final Reflection/DP-CAS Year-End Reflections guidelines
  5. be a good digital citizen (see eFolio Blogging for an overview)
  6. use categories and tags when you post (click here for details)
  7. post reflections under “posts” not separate “pages” (click here for definitions of a post versus a page)
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