Welcome to TMC TheMulgraveCitizen: an Upper School Student News and Resources site for Mulgrave School, West Vancouver, CANADA.

TMC provides announcements for student leadership and global citizenship engagement opportunities within local and global partners connected to Mulgrave’s Grades 6-12 GEx: Global Citizenship Experiential Learning programmes. Engagement initiatives, placements and projects are rooted in the UN SDGs and big umbrella themes like sustainability, health and well-being, entrepreneurship and JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion). TMC also shares opportunities for G6-10 MY-CAS and G11-12 DP CAS experiences. 

For more information on day and overnight residential experiences as an extension of the Grades 6-9 Middle GEx and Grade 10-12 Senior GEx programmes. Check out the following links below for more info…


CLICK HERE to explore regular news postings for student leadership in global citizenship beyond Mulgrave connected to GEx and our local and global community partners and networks. You can also follow the TheMulgraveCitizen on Instagram to stay up to date on ongoing opportunities and postings.


if you are looking for student leadership, project-based and volunteer opportunities in global citizenship beyond Mulgrave with our core GEx programme partners and more. These partners are eager to work with Mulgrave students on community engagement, volunteer projects and volunteer placements, where possible.


CLICK HERE to review student leadership opportunities beyond Mulgrave with external GEx education partners that support our GEx programmes and beyond. These partners are eager to work with Mulgrave in an educational capacity for training, workshops and more.


Looking to connect beyond Mulgrave? The major student leadership club, the Global Nomads, focuses on collaborative, engagement and project-based experiences with GEx (Global Citizenship Experiential Learning) community partners and more. If you are not part of one of these teams and this kind of leadership and learning beyond Mulgrave interests you, we meet Tuesdays (G10-12), Wednesdays (G8-9) and Thursdays (G6-7) at lunch in 2540. Team members need to apply to join the club via the leadership application in Middle or Senior School. For more information about joining the team, reach out to Mr Wilson awilson@mulgrave.com.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Mr Wilson
Faculty Advisor

Ms Baez
Faculty Advisor

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