Lens #12: Seminar Group Discussion Questions


In your assigned seminar groups, you will be given the opportunity to address one prompt below to present and facilitate discussion on in class. Consider the prompt as a starting point for exploration around an idea or concept relevant to the text, which you must construct out of your lenses explorations and group review together. You can change the question or phrasing and develop your own sub-prompts to lead the class in a critical discussion on issues related to the prompt and text.

Each group has 5 minutes (depending on your teacher’s preference) to develop the prompt and get peers engaged in deeper, meaningful discussions or debate; your group should encourage  a range of perspectives, interpretations and evidence.

Offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors or hypotheses. Opinions or conclusions should be presented clearly and supported by appropriate evidence.

See discussion prompts here.

Be sure to record your notes in your ML Exploration Journals.

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