Lens #13: Creative Response Assessment: Graphic Memoir Vignette

Creative Response Assessment | DUE OCT 5 2020 on SEQTA

Create a short graphic memoir of a “memoir moment” from your life. This might be 1-2 pages of panels. Please see this resource on the nuts and bolts on graphic novel techniques here for support. You must submit also follow-up with a (1) reflective statement (around 300 words) or (2) a reflective oral statement recording / screencast about your creative piece in which you explain what you were trying to accomplish in terms of your ideas or message (themes) and then deconstruct some graphic novel techniques, tools, devices you explored to develop the impact or appreciation of your memoir story.

You will be assessed based on Criterion C ONLY. Please upload your vignette and a reflective written statement OR recording OR screencast (LOOM) to SEQTA explaining what you were trying to accomplish.

Please note: we will also be sharing our vignettes together as a class. 

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