Lens #8: Analyzing Poetry

You have discussed, reviewed, written, and recited poetry; now it’s time to demonstrate your learning with an analysis of a text of your choice from the selection of poems we have read or Poetry in Voice.

Here’s what you will do:

  1. REVIEW: Pearl
  2. Review the Poetry Analysis Guide here
  3. Review the Sample Poetry Analysis of “Growing Up” below using this framework
  4. Select your poem option for analysis from Poetry in Voice or our poetry package
  5. RE-READ/REVIEW: Read your poem again! Mark it up as a hard copy. Highlight quotes you like or you think might use.
  6. Use the Poetry Analysis Guide to create notes and plan an outline
  7. FIRST DRAFT: Develop your plan using the framework below and start writing your draft; submit outline/draft in Google Classroom according to your teacher’s deadlines/requirements.
  8. REMEMBER: EMBED QUOTATIONS: you must integrate or embed quotations as evidence in your paper. Please review how to do the four main quotation integration techniques here.
  9. FEEDBACK & FINAL REVISION: You will get feedback from me on your plan/draft. Review and revise. Finish your good copy and submit in Google Classroom according to your teacher’s deadlines/requirements.

Here is your poetry analysis assessment!

Have fun!

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