Lens #5: Reciting Poetry: Poetry in Voice

One of your tasks for this unit will be to present a recitation of a poem selected from Poetry in Voice here.

Try searching for a poem by exploring…

  1. poets
  2. tags and moods
  3. random selection or “poem roulette”
  4. “search criteria” you select
  5. Poet Q&A: What would a poet recite?

Search the site. Read. Search more. Read. See if you can find a poem or two you might want to memorize and recite to the class. Make your final selection. Lean about the text you are reading. Memorize it. Recite it. Your recitation date will be in the new year as an assessment (Criteria C).

Here are some recitation tips. Here is a assessment breakdown for what evaluators are looking at for recitation.

Put your poem or poems you are considering in your Poetry Scrapbook when you find the one or ones you like. Put any notes about this process under this lens in your Poetry Scrapbook.

Record your selections here.

Presentations/recitations due dates posted in Classroom and SEQTA.

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