Lens #3 Reading Poetry


We will read the above poem first and discuss it as a class. Then, on your own, your group will get assigned/choose ONE of the following poems to read to present to class. You will be given a hard copy of it in your groups.

Get out some highlighters and go through your poem and mark it up, highlight, circle, underline, make notes, annotate parts that strike you or stand out. Consider noting ideas, words, images, feelings, sounds, settings, devices or meanings that stand out to you. Jot these down on the handout. Be prepared to discuss this in small groups and or with the class.


Take a picture of your notes and poem you did in your group and add to your scrapbook under Lens #3

When you’re done the section, record your notes, your work or product (if there is one), your thoughts and more in your poetry scrapbook.  You could also take a picture of any notes or work made by the class on the board or anything else that you think is important to add to everything related to this lens. Perhaps you found some material online that you want to cut and paste into your scrapbook.

REMEMBER: Your scrapbook is getting assessed on Criterion C. We are looking for your depth of personal engagement with different perspectives, relevant details, and the creativity, imagination, even originality, that you show as you embrace the topics that we explore in this unit.

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