Final Grade 7 Reflection

Sorry about this post being late, I thought I had posted it but I accidentally trashed it… Without further ado here is my grade 7 year end reflection:

All of my dreams and wishes for this year were fulfilled and exceeded. Starting with grade 7 camp at Anvil island. It was so fun and I can tell you I got quite the workout from the hike, and canoeing trip :P. The Christmas concert was a blast, but we said goodbye to our beloved band teacher Mr.Rojas, who I thank greatly. Fast forward to January, in 2014: Highlights included the outdoor education trips and of course Science fair, where I won gold in chemistry!(Refer to older post) Then came the CRAZY last week before Spring break where it seemed that there was an endless amount of assignments and tests along with the excitement of Spirit week, but it was finally followed by a restful Spring break. Then of course was Easter in April, the day in the life photography contest, and finally the experience of a lifetime: The Whistler trip. (Again, too much to say that has already been said so refer to prior post). And so that leads to now. CAS is due (even with a few months and events left of school) so here is a quick overview of my goal progress: I have fulfilled all of my goals  and have even recently improved on my P.E. performance mark. (from a 4 to a 6!). I can’t believe it’s almost summer! It feels like just yesterday I was the timid, new grade sevener in September. It has been a wonderful year and I would like to thank all of my teachers (Especially Mrs.Reis, my homeroom teacher), as well as my parents for supporting me. See you in grade 8! Here is a quick iMovie of some of the highlights of grade 7:



  • CChiu commented on May 29, 2014

    Very creative and unique way of completing your final reflection! You seemed to adapt quite well into your grade 7 year and I have no doubt you will continue to reach your goals in grade 8. 🙂

    Well done, Natalie!!

  • carriez commented on September 4, 2014

    lav u gurl

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