Grade 8- End of Year Reflection

All of my dreams and wishes for this year were fulfilled and exceeded. Starting with grade 8 camp at Garibaldi. It was so fun, and as someone who watches food network often, one of the best parts was cooking our own meals in addition to the gorgeous aqua water. Next came the pumpkin fest and the welcome back BBQ which were great opportunities to give back both to the school community and local community. Next came the Christmas concert, where it was a new experience to be there as a grade eight, guiding the grade 7s. It also brought back memories of last years band teacher, Mr. Rojas.

Contrarily to last year, January to Spring break was (unexpectedly) much more calm and un eventful. Then of course was Easter in April, the 8-9 dance, my birthday (where I went zip lining), the day in the life photography contest, one of the best trips of the year: The Whistler trip (too much to say that has already been said so refer to prior post), and finally the speech competitions where I won silver for my after dinner speech, speaking as the devil. This speech was my person favourite since grade 4, thanks to the long awaited diversity in format and a creative topic that I felt really passionate about (is that ominous? :P)

IMG_1515 169_0136 Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.10.21 PM IMG_7338

And so that leads to now. Not only am I proud of achieving principles list for term one (a total of 52) , but also my speech. I consider principles list to be one of my best achievements because it shows that I am a well rounded student, in that I received a minimum level of 6 for all classes. It also shows that I not only do at least average in all classes, but also do excellent in some such as french and DT (7s). My best outside of school achievements of this year include achieving both bronze medallion and bronze star in lifeguarding, as it has been a long road though swimming and patrol lessons. During the summer, I will proceed to complete Bronze Cross (the final level). In terms of after that…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I have grown a lot in the area of presentations and note taking: For presentations, I have learned to be less nervous and create a more engaging presentation. I have also learned to create organized and concise notes which have been a great help in studying for tests. Without further ado, here is my CAS Log:


I can’t believe the year is almost over! Thanks for making this such a great year. See all of you on the other side of Summer 😀

UPDATE: My day in the life photo called “V” won first place!!!




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