Grade 9- Final Reflection

This was a jam packed year, and I am sad to leave the middle school yet excited to move on to the senior school. I am proud of my academic achievements, such as achieving all 7s and 8s so far in science, as it is a subject I care greatly about and my goal is to achieve the science award and eventually do bio and chem as HLs. I am also proud of achieving all 8s on my final DT project and getting into the Poetry in Voice finals. My main athletic achievement was completing my Bronze Cross in lifeguarding, which is a commitment of mine that I really enjoy since it combines my liking of both biology and swimming. Once I turn 16, I am planning to continue and to my Standard first aid and NL and I will also apply for MERT. I also had a lot of fun at the beginning of the year, when I saw Hedley at WeDay, which was both a balance of fun and education about how to take action both locally and globally. I also completed my DOE bronze by completing the sailing trip to Vancouver Island, which was a great experience to advance my sailing skills that I worked on in the summer when I completed my CanSail 4. I also can’t forget the incredible experiences I had in Eastern Canada, where I gained so much knowledge about Canada’s history in an immersive and exciting way, and it gave me an opportunity to socialize and become more independant. I also recently got to enjoy one of my favourite yearly trips: the Whistler Cantando music festival. I am so proud of our concert choir for achieving gold and our band for achieving silver. It was also a hilarious time as we celebrated Sam’s birthday in style by managing to make friends with performers from a school in Mission who proceeded to serenade him. One of my final achievements was winning an honourable mention and best action shot in the Day in the Life photography contest. Here is a montage of some of my favourite moments and experiences of this year, in addition to some of my favourite photography:

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