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Artsapalooza 2016

This year for artsapalooza the grade nines were to require to take an extra part in planning and in the execution of the evening. Some of the jobs that the grade nines did were costume design, photographers, display creators, and… Continue Reading →

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze

This year I was a part of the Duke of Edinburgh bronze sailing trip. We learned about the points of sail, and how to calculate distance in nautical miles.  When we were on the boat we refreshed our memory on our… Continue Reading →

Spring Soccer Season

This spring I will be joining the senior girls soccer team. The coaches are Mr.McKillop, Ms.Caldron, and Ms.Noble. Right now we only have about 12 people right now but we are all trying to recruit more players. With more players we… Continue Reading →

Eco Footprint

My carbon footprint was 128%.  One thing that I can do is to carpool to school. I could also eat more seasonal foods and buy more second-hand clothes.

Term 1 Report Card Reflection

For this report card I reached the level of principals list. In art class, I received a 7. In all of my other subjects, I got either a 5 or 6. I improved in mostly in English. I was at… Continue Reading →


My average week of physical activities includes: Monday: P.E. / Gym in the morning Tuesday: Gym in the morning Wednesday: Soccer Practise (An hour and a half)/ Field Hockey (in the spring) Thursday: Can’t Friday: Sometimes gym in the morning… Continue Reading →


This year I am apart of the Grade 8/9 choir. We most recently performed at our Christmas concert last December. We preformed Let it Snow, a winter classic, and Tundra, a song to explain the vastness and beauty of a… Continue Reading →

Zoom Fest

This year I decided to participate in the Zoom Film Festival. In my group was Ingrid, Sophia, Andrew H, Anna, and Chloe who once went to Mulgrave. Luck of the draw and a paintbrush were the theme and prop. We… Continue Reading →

Progress Report Reflection 2015

For my first progress report of this year I reached the higher levels that I hoped to achieve. I worked very hard in all of my subjects and received the marks that I expected to get. My lowest marks were in… Continue Reading →

My CAS-Plan 2015-2016

This year I plan on filling out my CAS with many commitments. For my Creative commitments I am doing: Major Choir Jazz Choir Band The school play (Peter Pan) Minor Zoom   Service Major MSAC MPS Middle School Student Ambassadors… Continue Reading →

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