After Spring break I am looking forward to Field Hockey Season. Field Hockey is quite confusing actually. There are a lot of rules and now we are at that age where you move to playing full field. Before we only played half field. Like in soccer I play defense. I am not super great at field hockey but that is okay (I guess). Field hockey is really fun. I have been playing field hockey for about 3 or 4 years now. I am so excited our first practice is on Wednesday and our first game (I think) is on Sunday. I also like playing goalie. It is really fun. You wear so much gear mostly because the ball is like an over-sized golf ball but it weighs the same. Also you want to most of the time kick the ball away with your feet so you were sort of foam feet. and super wide foam shin pads hockey pants. Also you were a chest pad and a neck piece plus a hockey goalie helmet. Finally you were this weird hand thing one one hand and a different weird thing on the other hand that also lets you hold you stick. The uniforms that you have to wear if you are not the goalie then you have to wear burgundy shirt with a matching skirt. Yes SKIRT. That part is king of annoying. Plus all of the north shore teams wear that so we also have to wear pinnies. But overall Field hockey is a lot of fun