The Tuesday before spring break in the middle of Spirit Week, I shaved my head for BC Children’s cancer. I also raised $2 125.00 for cancer research. Before I shaved my head I was very nervous. I was not afraid about losing my hair. But I was afraid about how me life would change and what people would think of me if they did not know the whole story and why I am bald. I decided to shave my head right be for my next class so not that many people would see me cry. I did not want to be a big deal. I was not crying because I was losing all of my hair. I don’t know the exact reason why I got so emotional but I did. Other people got emotional too. My mom, (of course), One of the hair stylists (she was not the one shaving my head), and I think my BFF Rhianna (in grade 7) teared up a bit. It was really weird. The razor was very warm and it tickled. Maybe 10 days after The event I felt a lot more confident about my hair and I stopped wearing hats all of the time. I think that it would be cool to meet the the kid that got my hair. I hope that the money and my hair that I have raised and donated will help.