After looking over my term one report card I think I did pretty good. I am proud of what I got in most of my subjects. I did not get anything below a 4. Although I did not get any 7s yet. I got mostly 5s with two 6s and one 4. This puts me on the honer roll with 41. I got the four in english. I think that it is mostly because of all the creative responses. This is where I am having the most trouble. I got the two 6s in math and PA. I was really surprised when I got a  6 in math mostly because I was never super great in math. Next term I am aiming to get my english grade higher and maybe get another 6, or even a 7. I might be getting a tutor in french to ensure the on tests I still get a good mark. For english I will be talking to Mr. Willson (my english teacher). I will ask him on how I can improve and what I can I do it get my grade up. Overall I felt good about my grades for this report card.