This year I decided to participate in the Zoom Film Festival. In my group was Ingrid, Sophia, Andrew H, Anna, and Chloe who once went to Mulgrave. Luck of the draw and a paintbrush were the theme and prop.

We started by brain storming on the first day and filming the next day. We were making good time for the first two days. When we reached the editing stage we started to fall behind and eventually had troubles exporting the finished movie. After calling Ms. Anson twice and many failed attempts of exporting our film we finally decided to take in Chloe’s iMac. We eventually handed in our movie 18 minutes late.

For the junior category only 3 Mulgrave groups got nominated, and 12 groups got nominated altogether. We got nominated for Best Junior Concept and Best Overall Junior Film. At the awards ceremony we saw many great films and were very proud to see ours projected. We won for Best Junior Concept and third place for Best Overall Junior Film. It was great to see that painting our faces and leaving it on for a full day paid off. We worked tireless hours of planning, shooting and editing to finally see our film win.

It was a great experience and I am planning to take part in it next year.