This year for artsapalooza the grade nines were to require to take an extra part in planning and in the execution of the evening. Some of the jobs that the grade nines did were costume design, photographers, display creators, and cinematographers. I was one of two stage managers and we worked with the tech crew and house managers.

In addition to working backstage, the grade nines performed our classical music song with a tabla player and two harmonium player, along with the rest of the grade singing the words. To close the show we performed our bhangra dance. This is a very fun dance and is a lot of work to memorise and perform. I also performed with the choir, jazz choir, and band. The band played four songs before the show started as people were coming in. Jazz choir performed our two songs, One Note Samba and Somebody to Love, this song had many amazing soloists and was very fun to sing. We sang two songs in the choir, one we rehearsed with a clinician the week before.

It was fun to be a part of more than just the performing part of the show, but to also help make it happen was great as well.