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Spring Soccer Season

This spring I will be joining the senior girls soccer team. The coaches are Mr.McKillop, Ms.Caldron, and Ms.Noble. Right now we only have about 12 people right now but we are all trying to recruit more players. With more players we… Continue Reading →


My average week of physical activities includes: Monday: P.E. / Gym in the morning Tuesday: Gym in the morning Wednesday: Soccer Practise (An hour and a half)/ Field Hockey (in the spring) Thursday: Can’t Friday: Sometimes gym in the morning… Continue Reading →


This spring I have joined the Mustangs Basketball team. It is hard work and very tiring. I have also made the discussion not to play in any of the games. I did this because I do not feel confident in… Continue Reading →

Soccer Season

On Sunday was our last game for the soccer season. We still lost most of our games. Although this past game was a good one. We played really well. We almost won, but we lost 0-1. It was really exciting… Continue Reading →


For the past few Sundays I have been having soccer games. On the 28 of september we had a soccer game and we lost super badly. 4-0 to be exact. But on october 5 we won 4-0. I think that… Continue Reading →

After Spring Break

After Spring break I am looking forward to Field Hockey Season. Field Hockey is quite confusing actually. There are a lot of rules and now we are at that age where you move to playing full field. Before we only… Continue Reading →

Sports Teams

I am involved in many sports teams. I am on a soccer team with Paige Leonard and Nicole Leslie. Also Alyssa Hague is also on my soccer team. Alyssa used to go to Mulgrave. I am also on a field… Continue Reading →

Hip Hop

As one of my major action I have taken up hip hop. We also do a little bit of break dancing. I have a dance performance on the 25th of January. Sadly tickets are already sold out. Hip hop is… Continue Reading →


This season I have been playing soccer with the North Shore Girls Soccer Club. I really love soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was little. I play soccer twice a week. My practices are on Thursday’s for an… Continue Reading →

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