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Term 1 Report Card Reflection

For this report card I reached the level of principals list. In art class, I received a 7. In all of my other subjects, I got either a 5 or 6. I improved in mostly in English. I was at… Continue Reading →

Progress Report Reflection 2015

For my first progress report of this year I reached the higher levels that I hoped to achieve. I worked very hard in all of my subjects and received┬áthe marks that I expected to get. My lowest marks were in… Continue Reading →

Term 1 Report Card Reflection

After looking over my term one report card I think I did pretty good. I am proud of what I got in most of my subjects. I did not get anything below a 4. Although I did not get any… Continue Reading →

Term 1 Report Card Reflection

After I saw my marks for term 1 I was pretty happy. I was proud that I did not get anything lower than a 5. All I got were 5s and 6s. A total of 41. I want to aim… Continue Reading →

Term One

This term I feel that I have reached my goal of staying balanced with all of my activities. I did this by using my parents, also by using many schedules. I asked my parents to help me in terms of… Continue Reading →

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