Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy – Process Journal Reflection

Describe three of the IB Learner Profile attributes that helped you through rehearsals and in the performance. Explain how you embodied/demonstrated them. (Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced, Reflective)

When rehearsing and performing in Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy!, I had to be principled, open-minded, and a risk-taker. Firstly, I had to be principled because backstage, I had to be quiet, and there were props I could not touch. If I did do these things, I would ruin other people’s time to shine and it would not be fair for them. Also, I had to be very open-minded, especially when receiving feedback from Ms. Race. Listening to feedback allowed me to strengthen my monologue in ways I did not know it flawed. Lastly, I had to be a risk-taker. For example, I did not feel very comfortable when I had to wear a lot of makeup. I also had to try my best when dancing. If I did not do these things, the audience would wonder why I looked and acted different from everybody else. In conclusion, using Learner Profile Attributes helped me make the performance stronger.

Thinking of your role in the performance (chorus member, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo etc.)… Where did you get inspiration or from whom did you get inspiration? What influenced how you brought your character to life?

My version of the character Hermes was inspired by me being a younger brother, and the video game Minecraft. The story where Hermes steals his older brothers cows relates to me because I have and older brother and sometimes we have conflicts as well. Having experience with an older brother influenced me by making me feel more like the character I was playing because we have had similar experiences. Also, I was inspired by the video game Minecraft because I thought it would make my monologue more relatable for the kids in the audience who play it. Talking about Minecraft made the audience more engaged because they were not just hearing the normal version of the story. In the end, I enjoyed having inspirations and influences to embody my character more easily

What did you discover about yourself during the Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy rehearsals and performance?

When working on Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy!, I learnt a few things. Firstly, I learnt that I was not terrible at dancing . At first I thought it would be impossible to move as fast as the beat in “Call Me Maybe” and “I Need a Hero” but in the end, it looked amazing! Also, I learnt about how committed I had to be to the production. Practicing every day and spending time outside of school was something I was not used to. Finally, I learnt about the how awesome it feels to finish a production. I felt amazing at the end when everybody was cheering and clapping. In the end, I loved working on Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy! and there were many things I learnt.

What are you most proud about our performance of Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy?

I am most proud about how well I was able to deliver my Minecraft Monologue. I had to memorize my lines, practice my voice, and work on my movement and blocking. My monologue would not have been as good without all the work I put into it. I spent many hours practicing and on top of it, I wrote the monologue. When it all came together and I practiced it in front of hundreds of people, I felt extremely proud.

Finale dance during performance
Finale dance during performance

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