Fantastic Five Fingers

The Five Fingers is who we are as a learner.

Safety is like a mother bear and her cub. She is always there to protect her from danger. The feeling of organization makes me feel safe. Loosing my belongings makes my feel frustrated and untrusted. I would like to improve on my organization with my belongings, but with my work and time. This is something I will focus on before I transition into the MYP.

When you commit to an activity, you have to be there, you have to focus, you have to put effort. In order to transition into MYP successfully, I must be committed to my activates, schoolwork and my personal goals.

My teachers I will respect, my classmates I will respect, and myself I will respect. Respect is an important quality to have in the MYP. Confidence has been a goal for myself, and respecting myself and others will help me to achieve this goal.

As a learner, I need two types of encouragement. It’s like socks and heels, it may not be common, but is successful if constructed properly. There is the “This part is coming along, but you could change this.” which makes me feel more confident in my work. Other times, I prefer the “You could have done better.” This is a wake up call ringing to telling me to focus, I can do it.

Choosing electives is like choosing an different ice cream flavor. It may be strange at first, but soon become familiar. Choosing electives will be a new and exciting way to spend a year. It allows us to take responsibility for our learning and to make our own choices. We will now be setting our JPS’s to our desired location of learning, but will get there at a steady pace.

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