MYP Transition


Transitioning from the PYP to the MYP is a massive step in our lives. In the PYP, we are small seeds, but as we transition to MYP, we are are growing into flowers that continue to grow as we move to IB diploma. We are all now becoming more mature and independent people, and are ready to take the leap of growing into that flower. I have learned that the AOI is an essential part of the MYP. They are community and service, human ingenuity, health and social education, environments, and approaches to learning.

PYP and MYP are two different pianos. The tone and dynamics may not be the same, but the note will be similar. The MYP Areas of Interaction have many connections to the PYP program. They are associated to the PYP Essential Elements. Community and Service is related to Actio, Human Ingenuity is knowledge, research skills, and thinking skills, Health and Social Education is responsibility, social skills, communication skills, and self-management. Environments is connected to action, thinking skills, communication skills, and self-management skills. Lastly, Approaches to Learning is what kind of learner you are. AOI is similar to the essential elements, but is not the same.

Shifting to the MYP is like hiking a mountain. I am ready for the narrow paths. I am ready for the tiring hikes. I am ready to keep running toward the top, even if it feels endless or painful. Middle school may feel stern and harsh, but I know it will be a marvelous view at the top of the mountain. Choosing those paths are like choosing your electives. Some may be more difficult, but they all take you the same direction. I will be looking forward to those steep paths and and unstable grounds, because I know the effort will be worthwhile.

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